Living with multiple sclerosis | Felix’s story

Felix, who lives with multiple sclerosis (MS), is a 31-year-old photographer and football fan. He experienced his first symptom of MS in 2005, and was diagnosed with relapsing MS (RMS) in 2009.

In this video, Felix talks about how despite the impact of the disease on daily life, he maintains independence and lives his life to the fullest.

You can learn about MS, as well as read more of Felix’s story, here:

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  1. I have just been diagnosed with MS.. I am 28 year old male.. suddenly left portion of my body below my shoulders has gone numb with constant feeling of pins and needle.. I m just discovering about this today and I am really scared to death .. where I live medical facilities are inadequate.. pls help me if you know what should i do

  2. I got officially diagnosed today. I am 22 years old. I´m a 2nd-year med student and I found out just a couple of hours ago that I will probably never be able to work in a hospital. I have never felt worse and I don´t know what to do.

  3. My name is Meonica and I have ms. I was told I lost cartilage out of my right knee which was really the ms . From there it took over my left foot. It took them a long time to get to the results but I can now say what’s wrong with me .

  4. Hi I would like to tell few tips to reduce the intensity of MS symptoms
    1) Yoga or meditation as Stress triggers the symptoms
    2) Stop smoking ( If u r a smoker)
    3) Get enough sleep
    And remember anything can be dealt be confident be happy stay safe 😷

  5. Positive attitude, being pro-active, and never letting go of your smile, will see you through very challenging times. Know that so many people care and are eager to be a friend and help in whatever way we can!


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