Live Q&A on COVID-19 with Dr Mike Ryan and Dr Maria Van Kerkhove.

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  1. Thank you. I have listened to the WHO pressers since last February. The presser have given me information. This Q&A has provided me a video to my friends who have been struggling. I thank you.

  2. No need of covid vaccine 99.9% recovered.
    23 died in Norway of this covid vaccine.
    They found out to expert doctors "this covid vaccine is non human DNA…they have nanno crystaline particles like a little robot like a little antenna that have the ability to gather all the information about what the human did his breathing, where he travel, his social activity,…we are be slave it is the end of privacy and freedom… "

  3. The WHO is based in Geneva, one of the world's most expensive cities. They should base themselves in a poor country so they experience at first hand the difficulty they experience. Don't waste the peoples money!!

  4. Why are so few rich countries carrying out genomic sequencing. Countries that have had a high number of infections are not testing or if they are they are keeping quiet about the results.

  5. All lies vaccine injecting heavy mentals covid bullshit ypu cant even keep the commen flu under control ypu call it a virus but yet you still dont isolate the world needs to wake up to the bullshit lies

  6. Because of who you idiots were the cause of the problem you criticised country’s that closed there borders told the world that the virus is not contagious etc shame on you thousands of people have died because of you put your head down in shame for misleading people

  7. اللاجين اجانب في دولة الجزائر 🇩🇿 لم يتم مساعدة لديهم
    هل في مساعدة منكم ليا مطلوب من المفوضيّة السامية مد العون لينا
    اعني من ضروف صعبة جداً

  8. I'm surprised that until now there are still people out there believing that the pandemic is a lie.
    I guess when it affects you or your family personally then you understand better.
    I lost an uncle because of Covid 19 a month ago, was 65 yo.
    And my sister in law (40 yo) had it but she was feeling well after 2 days of fever.
    Just be careful and stay safe, everyone.

  9. Thank you, Dr. Mike Ryan and Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove! Thanks also to Liza. With Dr. Tedros, your briefings, updates and over-all recommendations and exhortations are greatly helpful! Wishing you the best. Stay cool! 😎 You rock! Love that “mountain” and Grey Anatomy story 🤗🤗🤗

  10. They should make realistic surgery games for kids that want to be doctors with a blood on/off feature, and by the time people enter med school they'll have performed 10,000 heart surgeries using motion control handsets they'll use to perform actual surgeries, and if the equipment ever fails they'll pick up the instruments and be smooth as glass since they have made all the accurate neural connections and have established accurate precise muscle memory, reflexes and developed fine stabilizer muscles. I called Bethesda about 2 years ago but I don't think any corporation answers their voice mail, I've given tons of ideas away, still poor for free but maybe someone else will have a life, good luck and please legalize euthanasia everywhere, with indoor farming the 50 percent of the world's population that wants to be gone can finally go : ) peace

    NASA uses electrolysis to make cabin oxygen from water and they release the hydrogen gas to outer space, you could use the h as clean energy and release the oxygen to the planet as a rain forest, drag ocean soft water to municipalities, they use a small steam distiller at the sink for drinking water, everyone's off toilet to tap, and you use electrolysis to disinfect the waste water and make energy. You split the ocean stream for indoor fresh water and salt water fish farming. You build or convert 40 story buildings for indoor farming. Every acre under roof is an 80-120 acre farm, but instead of 12 hours of light, there's solar glass panels and you have 24 hours of light, 12 months of growing instead of 6, so maybe an 80 acre indoors is like 320. You grow too much food so the empty good truck picks up the blemished felt and vegetables for fertilizer. You can have a cow floor, a dairy farm and a chicken floor in what was an office building. One person drives an hour with gas and clogs tollways to drive to a city where someone else has to drive an hour to his town to work. Now they both work from home, they can get paid more and write off an office in their home, empty office building can be converted to indoor farms, and the sprinkler system can be used for irrigation. You can grow every crop in the world, everywhere, indoor, with every climate and 24/7/365 agriculture, and not even smell farm animals in a building

    For what it costs to build housing here and grow food on welfare, we can pay people who want to go to another country and build indoor farms and drag ocean lines and build clean energy waste water stations. Who wants to get paid to go to south America and maybe even live there? Whether you were from there, want to get paid to go on a humanitarian effort, or maybe move there : )

    With today's technology and the skilled people who came here to learn skills, maybe they would love to develop their home turns and make it great, with more than enough food and water and electricity for everyone, everywhere

    People work for each other for paper and out of an overflow they trade. Everywhere will be a good home for everyone who lives there

  11. Thank you Dr Ryan 🙏 for bringing Covid-19 into prospective. For your realistic answers and sharing your personal experience of "living with deadly viruses " in countries where there is and has never has been a choice.
    You focus on the power of the individual in the face of adversity.
    In simple acts such as this comment I ask myself
    "am I still part of the solution or contributing to the problem?"

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  13. Hello, from an economic standpoint, I think I can speak for all of us that we understand the burden of having to deal with this, on the other hand, the longer vaccines take to being available to people globally, the more damage will occur. There are many countries where people were starving to death before covid, how about now, I really hope this could be expedited by the third quarter of this year, thank you for all you're doing, we do appreciate it! ❤️ ❤️

  14. Under the covid-19 safe plan is it necessary for health authority to take temperature gun reading for a member of public entering a public facility who has his covid safe apps on in their mobiles?

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  16. Whole world is suffering due to Tedrous of WHO not coming out on fact on time .can u all explain why hes still sitting in WHO and u all r supporting him. Future for all our kids gone in darkness .
    Its too late now.


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