LIVE on #WorldHealthDay with @DrTedros: An urgent call to work together to tackle health inequities

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  1. I’m not poor and an American but can’t afford o have 5 different surgeries I’ve been told I need and can’t afford two thirds of my prescriptions. My family’s having the same problems while we are insured. Being insured means nothing nowadays. Our country and the world is heading into a super rich 2% versus the rest of us. When you fight 98% of the world you will lose. Ask Marie Antoinette.

  2. Hello everyone am here to tell the world how Dr okosun on YouTube got me cured from Hsv1&2 with his natural herbal medicine and today am herpes negative. thank you Dr okosun and God bless your good work 😍

  3. Thank you for emphasis on Handling the Pandemic Better; incorporating Knowledge , Politics and people in Civil Society. As we revisit the Social Contract to improve the current Social Economic Status Globally. "Do Something, Do more and Do better" Initiative moving forward to a more Inclusive and equitable future.


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