Live from WHO Headquarters – COVID-19 daily press briefing 20 MAY 2020

Originally broadcast live on 20 May 2020, the daily press briefing on coronavirus COVID-19, direct from WHO Headquarters, Geneva Switzerland with Dr Tedros WHO Director-General, Dr Micheal Ryan, Executive Director of the Health Emergencies Programme, and Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, Technical lead COVID-19, WHO Health Emergencies Programme

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  1. Thank you WHO for fantastic briefings, expert advice and building solidarity. I don't care about Trump, he is a mad man. Trump should be locked up.


  3. A medium hospital has a budget of 2 billion… What are you smoking, no where near half of that!!!! Bad money, wtf is that!!! Who is a joke, and I'm a doctor saying this.

  4. Why this Tedros not mention anymore his favorite country? The one he mentioned who made everyone safe because of its massive action at the epicenter of pandemic a few months ago?

  5. Corruption at its highest. You all should be shame of yourselves – because of you, there are thousands kf people dead and millions became poor. People dont trust you and people will never take your leadership.

  6. EVERYTIME I hear tedros speak, he advocates towards the destruction of Human Rights. They call it things like "saving lives, safety, protecting livelihoods, security".


  7. My question to you WORLD HEALTH LEADERS? what have you people accomplished or done to HELP millions of families n children BLEEDING to death from Corona virus? I AM SICK AN TIRED of watching children dyeing from Corona virus…non stop bleeding?

  8. PLEASE do something soon! Have u consider testing c19 to be that of nuclear chemicals in the AIR? Please it really break my HEART N TEARS to my eyes to see children dyeing bc of c19

  9. I support the U.S. Federal government removing its funding to the WHO. Its refusal to stop excluding Taiwan because this global health organization has been corrupted by the Chinese Communist Party to the extent that it would increase the risk to the health and safety of the people of Taiwan by deliberately marginalizing the entire nation over a Chinese political pressure move is unconscionable.

    The WHO's top administration's mismanagement of travel and other forms of funding also indicate that the organization's management arm is not as worthy of the trust placed in it as it should be. Google will help you quickly discover the longstanding corruption among WHO top administration, including mismanagement of travel funds. Much of WHO travel costs are justifiable, but some significant expenses are not.

    Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreysus' attempt to hire the Chinese-influenced tobacco industry profiteer and Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe as "a goodwill ambassador" for the WHO almost as soon as he became the head of the WHO indicates a serious potential corruption issue, IMO. Dr. Tedros actually PRAISED the Zimbabwean public health care system (and by extension, the leadership of Mugabe) by saying "it was a country that "places universal health coverage and health promotion at the centre of its policies to provide health care to all".

    As the BBC article from 21 Oct 2017 titled "Robert Mugabe's WHO appointment condemned as 'an insult'" reports: US-based campaign group Human Rights Watch (HRW) said it was an embarrassment to give the ambassador role to Mr Mugabe, because his "utter mismanagement of the economy has devastated health services". Critics of the president say that Zimbabwe's health care system is in a shambolic state. HRW's Kenneth Roth said Mr Mugabe's appointment was a cause for concern because the president and some of his officials travel abroad for treatment.

    "When you go to Zimbabwean hospitals, they lack the most basic necessities," he said. Zimbabwe's main MDC opposition party also denounced the WHO move. The Zimbabwe health delivery system is in a shambolic state, it is an insult," spokesman Obert Gutu told AFP. "Mugabe trashed our health delivery system… he allowed our public hospitals to collapse."

    “Other groups who have criticised Mr Mugabe's appointment include the Wellcome Trust, the NCD Alliance, UN Watch, the World Heart Federation and Action Against Smoking.”

    Mugabe partnered with the Chinese National Tobacco Company (an arm of the Chinese Communist Party) in the early 2000's to improve and increase Zimbabwe's main economic resource: tobacco. Together, the Chinese and Mugabe helped to increase the spread of this utterly unneeded poison to many millions of people, while Mugabe, his family, and cronies collected enough money to make Solomon blush.

    Learn more about this deadly trade relationship by reading the Feb 2020 "International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health" article titled “ 'All Weather Friends': How China Transformed Zimbabwe’s Tobacco Sector".

    Mugabe and his family stole national assets for decades, and tied them up into their own assets around the world. Learn more about that by reading the CNN Money article titled "Robert Mugabe Accumulated Riches as Zimbabwe Crumbled. Here's What We Know About His Money".

    Robert Mugabe is not exactly the kind of character anyone should select as a "goodwill ambassador" for the world's largest and most influential global health assistance organization, almost as soon as they became the Director-General of the WHO.

    Unless you are Dr. Tedros, who has also consistently praised the CCP for doing such a great job in relation to all aspects of managing the COVID-19 outbreak that emerged from the heart of its country.

    Tedros and his staff refused to announce a pandemic for over a month after they should have, according to many respected health officials in multiple countries. They provided conflicting and even blatantly false information to the peoples of the world for over 2 months, including misleading the public about the ability of wearing masks to reduce viral spread.

    WHO leadership failed to use its influence to openly attempt to apply sufficient international pressure on China to gain permission to bring in a sufficient number of teams of public health, virology, epidemiology, investigative reporters from respected international free presses, and other specialists to review the situation in Hubei Province, and other provinces facing major outbreaks from January-March 2020.

    The WHO top administration deliberately and consistently failed to regularly protest and condemn the CCP for deliberately keeping teams out of China, and for hiding, obscuring, or misreporting multiple types of critical information that could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives across the world.

    The WHO said NOTHING against the CCP for giving the impression via its media and international media that it was donating supplies and humanitarian aid to other nations when in fact, it was charging them for virtually everything, even for defective equipment, including ventilators and PPE. Google "China sent faulty equipment" and read the L.A. Times April 10, 2020 article titled "Faulty masks. Flawed tests. China’s quality control problem in leading global COVID-19 fight" to learn about the scale of the damage caused by China's shipments of flawed test kits, defective face masks, and flawed ventilators to many countries.

    The WHO said nothing against the overt and covert manipulation that the CCP applied to nations who enjoy major business partnerships with, including the U.S. in regard to providing medications, PPE, medical equipment, and other items.

    The Chinese Consulate even sent emails to U.S. Senators as early as February asking them to pass formal resolutions that the CCP itself drafted praising the CCP for its handling of the COVID-19 outbreak! Learn more about one Senator's experience with that bit of corruption by reading the National Review article titled "Chinese Consulate Asked Wisconsin State Senate to Praise CCP for ‘Sharing Key Information’ about Coronavirus, Emails Show".

    The WHO has said nothing against the CCP hiring people in many countries as early as January 2020 to corner the market on PPE by buying all of it they could locate and purchase, deliberately shorting many countries who desperately needed it. Learn more about that by reading the Global News Canada's 30 April 2020 article titled "United Front groups in Canada helped Beijing stockpile coronavirus safety supplies".

    The WHO also failed to act in a timely manner in regard to managing the major Ebola outbreak in West Africa, including its failure to declare an epidemic, to avoid angering government leaders in the affected countries.

    Until the WHO's top administration is replaced, and inviolable safeguards from corruption by member nations are enacted AND ENFORCED, I will continue to support its defunding by multiple nations of good conscience. Its mission is too complex, and too critical, to allow it to continue in this fashion, IMO.

  10. When back to officially declare the United States as the epidemic area, the previous months vowed to declare China as the epidemic area, ridiculous

  11. WHO media briefing 20 May 2020
    0:42 DG opening remarks.
    10:04 Hydroxychloroquine?
    13:45 Tourism reopenings?
    18:21 When pandemic review?
    22:00 US President Trump letter?
    23:55 Funding if US pull out?
    31:13 India situation & vaccines?
    37:00 Children & schools reopenings?
    41:27 When pandemic review? (Refer to IOAC report).
    47:50 Reports on symptoms & incubation?
    Visit WHO website for transcripts and guidelines.

  12. Taiwan did the best job fighting the virus. WHO and China, lets not include them and let them share their information.. we can let more people die

  13. Included Taiwanese's Centers for Disease Control or W.H.O is failed to protect human life. W.H.O is designed for world health purposes, not for political purposes. Why do you keep saying Taiwan – China? That is so shameful when this organization could not distinguish its own purposes. Supporting the Doctors without Border is more meaningful than W.H.O. Realizing how this organization works made a lot of world citizens want to throw up.

  14. Could testing dead patients also be a better strategy for policy making decisions? Especially in countries like India due to insufficient testing infrastructure

  15. Why are these people still talking? so many people die..if you are really concern, resign then you get the money. better all go to jail than maybe there are even more money come in

  16. Should Mr.Tedro consider his resignation from his post due to his stupidity leadership regarding this pandemic? Any countries followed his advice got severed infected cases. He did not want to take responsibility, what a shame.

  17. Organisation des Menteurs Sociopath. 10:30 He meant; I wasn’t expecting that question. So now I’m gonna have to improvise a lie.
    I mean, look at his body language!!! OMG he’s so uncomfortable escaping all eye contact with anyone and camera.

  18. Liers !!! Liers !!! Liers !!! You will pay for that, as well as all the corrupted governments which lied and lied again about hydroxychloroquine and azythromycine !!!

  19. Ce nest pas leur conscience qui va nous sauver.
    C'est est tout simplement que nous respirons le même air.
    Notre mort cest leur condamnation .

  20. WHO are shameless like a communist China. You play with human lives and you still defending. We need justice and people who suffer because of your negligence . WHO are corrupted by communist China. Your home decorating by Chinese goods.

  21. We cannot trust WHO anymore since they are financed by Bill Gates and big pharma. WHO also forbids natural plants good for health because it is not profitable for big pharma.

  22. Please all that believe in true justice, unsubscribe from this YouTube channel. Show them that we do not agree with how they conduct their business, they were asked by China not to declare an pandemic so that China can buy tons of medical protective equipment from the rest of the world. If you do not believe me just search on that “ China buying protective medical equipment to stockpile “ and you will even find how much your country sold them gear or donated in January. You will be Amazed and a shamed . WHO you all to management should be under investigation and trialed in Hage for crimes against humanity. WHO! You who work there and have a heart and morals quit while you still have a chance. Come forward with the truth.

  23. The American journalist Jamie never asks anything interesting. It is always Trump related and never an attempt to get anything other than responses to his antics. They need a new american journalist.

  24. I am amazed at the negative comments made in this comments section. It seems this is coordinated by fools and bots. Try to understand what the USA president is doing, allowing so many innocent souls to die unnecessarily.

  25. Tedros and the WHO must face justice for their blatant spreading of CCP propaganda that has cost lives all over the world. Condemning the U.S when they restricted flights from China. Blinded by the anti human CCPs blood money funded by the removal and theft of Falun Gong practitioners harvested organs. Pure. Unadulterated. Evil.

  26. Bla bla bla bla bla !
    Ils ont bien réussi à foutre les jetons au peuple…..
    Comptez sur vos défenses immunitaires……
    Moins ils vous touchent et mieux c'est !!!!!!
    En tous cas c'est pour moi une certitude !
    Paix à vous tous !

  27. dogs of ccp. if you cannot commit to THE WORLD, then dismantle yourselves you MURDERERS. just remember all you ccp dogs – sooner or later they will eat you.


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