Lions vs. Browns Week 11 Highlights | NFL 2021

The Detroit Lions take on the Cleveland Browns during Week 11 of the 2021 NFL season.

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Comment (721)

  1. Lions have lost some close ones, and those have all been on the coach. 4th and 1 your season is going nowhere, just go for it. Your defense played well enough to get a win, but that's what happens with poor coaching

  2. Nick Chubb is the best RB in football in my opinion. Baker needs to sit down. He is only hurting his reputation his body and his team. Case can do what Baker has been doing and probably better.

  3. If Chubb and Hunt are both playing, and Keenum is filling in for Mayfield, this team can still make the playoffs! Thank the "Football Gods" for Chubb and our Defense today. They won despite Baker's poor performance, Joe Woods lack of leadership, and Stefanski's insistence on calling plays.

  4. I have loved Baker since the day he was a walk on at Oklahoma. He is the only reason I am a browns fan. I am falling out of love with him very quickly….

  5. This highlight video was edited particularly poorly. Starting at 09:00 in the video (a bit under 10 minutes left in the game) we see only Browns possessions for the rest of the game, even though the Lions got the ball back at least TWICE. This game looked like it had a fairly exciting back and forth toward the end, but we only saw the forth.

  6. i’m a lions fan and expected a loss but lavar arrington is the worst commentator i’ve ever heard – gus is awesome but arrington should not be out there – terrible

  7. Sorry what lavar Arrington talking about Boyle threw a dime but the safety played it as perfectly as could be done that ball was 3 inches from hitting the WR in the hands hut the safety went up & high pointed it

  8. I was born and raised in Detroit. I live near, very near downtown. I see the most ……….fans in the world spending their hard earned money and time, rooting for a team that is the most mediocre in sports, and I'm challenging anyone to show me a worst team and franchise. Ever since Russ Thomas, back in the 60's, Detroit has been nothing and Barry Sanders couldn't help, and Charlie Johnson couldn't help. So all you people who spend money on the lions, you have my deepest sympathy…it's about 2 mm deep. Stop supporting mediocrity, and make the owners put together a winning team and it starts with a good coach. They refuse to get great coaches, and that's proven over the past few decades. But I know they will never ever get the right ingredients in terms of players to put a championship team together. Coleman Young called them the Pontiac Pussycats, but Detroit dummies is more appropriate. Anybody want to come back with this comment?

  9. Mayfield is mad at himself..hes playing bad and playing hurt..Maybe rest him next game then he gets 2 weeks off and has a chance to come back stronger..he feels like hes letting everyone down so I hope he gets it together

  10. Baker is showing his injuries but I'll take any win. I think he's going to start looking as he did in final stretch of 2020. Definitely needs peoples jones in there and Landry to make it happen.. hopefully they pull off the win at Baltimore then can rest on bye week then take them again ar home. Hunt should be ok, which his presence helps the passing attack.

  11. Chubb is masterful. Haven’t seen someone like him in a long time. Power when he needs it. Quickness. Speed. Amazing footwork. And nuances that make his running so deft.

  12. Baker Mayfield's not a terrible player but he's also not good enough to carry his team with all the injuries he's dealing with. Probably in the team's best interest to sideline him for the year and get him that shoulder surgery.

  13. 2 teams/organizations whom have NEVER made it to The Super Bowl before played their Big Game today and as much as I could have hoped that The Lions would win, they didn't disappoint me with the loss!!! Cleveland Browns improved, while The Lions took another hit in the gut!!!
    Anyway, we will listen to the same old lame excuses about waiting until next year or when the last few games are left, they will play for pride or something!!! Whenever I hear this, I often wonder where they put their pride during the first 10 to 12 weeks of every season? Haven't seen a 12-4 season since Erik Kramer was our QB!!! Tragic.

  14. When your best move is to keep the ball out of your quarterback's hands…ya might need to admit he is not the guy. Lucky they have Nick Chubb and that running attack

  15. Browns are not going anywhere with Stefanski. Baker should rest for a couple games and put Keenum in but it won’t matter to much with this awful coaching and horrendous play calling. At this rate the Browns won’t make the playoffs, they’ll be lucky to win another game.

  16. NFL!…Please, please, please give us viewers exquisite Gus Johnson play-calling abilities to replace extremely monotone and boring (flavorless) Troy Aikman/Joe Buck. Aikman/Buck tandem is old and tired, they sound sleepy and have the exact cadence and rhythm in their boring voice's along with their boring outlook. Is it just me?

  17. I’ve been reading some of these comments and reply threads and why has the Browns fandom gotten kinda toxic? It’s like even saying a minor comment about them can start an ugly argument about the team now. What happened to them being so wholesome last year?

  18. I just read an article that said a Detroit Lion said something about Clowny's mother and was penalized for unsportsmen like behavior . What has become of my NFL? Football is rooted in Trash Talk . This is unacceptable and I am a Browns fan . Your mom is so fat that when she heard it was chilly outside she brought a bowl

  19. Very curious to know if this is the worst season for kicking. Seems like there are so many more missed FGs and PATs throughout the league this year than any other I can remember.

  20. F*** the Browns. I was rooting hard for these Lions. They are undermanned and have no QB, but they are well-coached, they play hard, and Swift is a major talent. 0-9-1, and the Lions have played quality football all year. How can you not like guys like that? Go Lions!

  21. Hang in there lions fans we feel your pain!!! Ive been impressed by Detroit defense showing up every single week doing what they can yaw will get there just need a quarterback trust me. We have EVERYTHING and we suck cuz Bakr sucks


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