Linus goes into a real girl’s bedroom – Intel Extreme Tech Upgrade

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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

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Comment (5,909)

  1. If I'm honest, powerline sucks, unless you both got your your house's electrical grid upgraded recently, and are doing a very short run, it will have low latency and high robustness of a wired connection, but the bandwidth will be shit, I tried it on a neighbor's house, got ~20mbps, compared to ~150mbps on wifi, but the connection was more robust and stable.

  2. "100ms – that's alot" – me sitting here with Australian Internet and not getting less than 150ms ping to any server, no matter the server location setting, or game, on hardwired ethernet. Fun times.

  3. they aren't really stealing stuff from work, right? they said the fridge is too loud for the office so she was probably allowed to take it home

  4. I suspect the massage thing might be Linus' relative activity level… Healthy fit types who aren't excessively active(or know when to slow down) can avoid excessive fatigue and don't benefit from massages as much(more useful for either those who overstrain or have physio issues).

  5. What the hell… I jumped to catch the case from falling off the shelf… why did I do that, when I know I'm watching a video.

    I want this format, to actually go out and shop for computer stuff. Chairs tables etc can just be ready at the tech upgrade, then fit it all.

  6. Oh dude that's sick. It's so funny that the GPU doesn't fit. When I got my 3070 Aorus Master, I though it would fit in my 220T too…until I bumped into the Kraken….and then went for a 510i.

  7. My wife can do that party trick with every joint in her body, because she has hypermobility. When we first started dating, I hugged her too hard and felt her shoulder dislocate….

  8. I to also had really shitty wifi in my room even though its a modern house (built ~5 years ago) my reception went to shit as soon as my brother started using it (his room is between mine and the living room where the router is) bought a TPLink setup and its worked… for the most part

    When I had fist set it up it always wanted to be repaired every like 3ish hours and it was ANNOYING to pair cause of how small and dainty the little buttons are. Couple mounts later they were happy and never unpaired even during power outs.
    Pinging to a lot of generic websites give 20ms but there is the odd one like Amazon with a solid 214-220ms range

  9. Fantastic choice on the powerline adapters, I have 4 of those tp-link powerline adapters. So much better than running ethernet cords all over your house all janky like.

  10. Linus not gonna lie from putting up flat screen TVs as a side hustle for 11 years now, plz do not let the TV fall Face flat even if its on a soft surface like a bed, I got PTSD from a job lmao.

  11. FYI for anyone thinking powerline is good – it's not. It's effing trash if your home power wiring is sub optimal. It's an ultra-niche solution, stick to wifi in 99% of use cases.

  12. I keep hearing that about the 3080 and the 850 power supplies and I'm sitting over here with one and haven't lost power yet…lol I even had two in at one time testing a mining card (with both mining) that keep having issues (thermal pads got replaced to fix it). Though I recently upgraded to an I7-12700K and new botherboard. So I figure I'll upgrade the RAM so order new ram and 1300w power supply just to be sure….lol All this is my plan for the final upgrade is going to be a 3090 and going water cool when I can find one that isn't going to break the bank.

  13. 3090 owner on power supplies: had to replace a quality 1200W EVGA PSU because power was cutting out on the 12V rail. 3080/90 seem to cause a lot of issues with power draw but the 1200W Dark Power Pro seems to work fine.
    It was a huge pain in the ass in terms of troubleshooting, just "random" shutdowns an hard lock ups, tried everything from memory to RGB. But PSU change did the trick.

  14. You put the PowerLine adapter upside down. It relies on pushing the signal on a neutral cable So the orientation matters. You can find that info in the manual.


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