Lil Reese on Lil Jojo’s Diss Track “BDK” Changing Chicago Hip-Hop, Jojo Killed After Song (Part 6)

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In this clip, Lil Reese opened up about his feud with late Chicago rapper Lil Jojo, who dropped “BDK” amid the feud between him and Chief Keef. Lil Reese admitted that “BDK” changed things for Chicago hip-hop and led to rappers talking gangster on songs. Lil Reese also addressed the GD vs BD feud, which he says was just between certain sets of the groups. To hear more, including Lil Reese speaking about hip-hop escalating the GD vs BD situation, hit the above clip.

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  1. I finally see what vlad is doing with these interviews cause he showed that clip of the Don Dirk , to Rico Recklezz as well. I think Vlad is trying to piece together a solution as to why there is so much violence & what we need to do in order to prevent it.

  2. “Ima kill you” Dawg I remember when I first saw that video lol. That’s probably the Top 1 Chicago opps interactions caught on the internet. Behind that is Melly and Zoo, and Edogg and Wooski

  3. wow if Vlad Had Paid 1 million for this interview you'd have to hope that Reese would of opened up more..but honestly it would of more then likely been the same thing – Mikey T the Movie Star

  4. this Lil Reese interview is a prime example of how bad a interviewer Vlad is. Reese isn't a man of a lot of words, so instead of asking him open ended questions to get Reese to speak more Vlad keeps asking these yes no questions that essentially don't reveal nothing. I've said it a million times he been in this game way to long to still ask these basic ass yes no questions.

  5. Reese know how to keep sh** brief. Answer things without incriminating himself and others. We all know bul was chasing it and it caused him his life. RIP to him tho 🕊️

  6. Gangsters get all mushy and cry about the way people are doing the killing now as if it was acceptable the way they were killing people in his day. I would Respect it if those tears if they remorse for all the victims and shit him and his boys caused his day but just the fact that his OGs fell the fuck off and lost control after the split Brady being busted out Save that shit homie

  7. VLad is so repetitive with theses flashbacks. Almost like he wants everyone to know that he thinks Vlad tv caught a special moment. Like how Boosie did with the hypnotized with hatred. Bro these young niggas DNT care about the generation before. They're not tryna here that shit. In one ear and out the other. You ain't dropping no new knowledge Vlad with other people's words…. Cut it out gang, lol

  8. Reese should have never did this interview 🤢. Vlad be asking these rappers about they main opps acting like he dont know what's going on. Now if he get slapped silly he finna go sue.

  9. "Ima kill you" – Lil Reese to JoJo in real life "I aint care I wasnt thinking bout him" – Lil Reese to Vlad about JoJo 😂😂😂😂

  10. 4 minute 5 second mark look how Reese look at the camera like this goofy think imma talk on the guys or dirt that’s been done lol shout out to reese showing these boys how to do interviews

  11. He don’t really wanna answer these questions about jojo but he know he kinda got too but his face says it all but it’s not what u know it’s can u prove it


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