Life Cycle of the Coronavirus

How does SARS-CoV2 infect people, and what are researchers learning about its possible vulnerabilities?

In a richly illustrated infographic from Jennifer E. Fairman, which the Bloomberg School animated into this accompanying video, professor Andrew Pekosz talks viewers through the complete life cycle of the novel coronavirus: how it infects people, and how it replicates and spreads.

To read more about how researchers are using what they learn about the virus to exploit its potential vulnerabilities, view the complete infographic:

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  1. The fact that the president wants to open schools is bewildering. My sister and I made a video on our channel urging our school district to keep schools closed. Please take a moment to watch it, like it, and comment if you agree.

  2. Aah, These viruses and their manipulative strategies- the sooner we find the cure, the better:)_ I'm suffering Covid despite being vaccinated (through, symptoms aren't severe),but it still sucks 😰


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