Liesel Pritzker Simmons: ‘Where You Put Your Money Is A Moral Decision’ | Forbes

The cofounder of the Blue Haven Initiative discusses what impact investing is, as well as the social investments she’s most excited about — including one that’s recycling ‘fecal sludge’ in Africa.

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Comment (89)

  1. When she was in the 1995 movie, her mannerisms, her speech & even her looks to a degree were very similar to Jackie Evancho when she was at the age of about 10. Just an interesting observation, I think that has nothing to do with anything.
    What she has done with her life is amazing and her ability to inspire others to reach out and find a place and a way to do the same even if it's in one's own backyard or, who knows, the world over! What an extraordinary career move from media star monetarily but far better in the area of inspiration, a motivation for positive change, girl power and certainly in education regarding the need for finding your own philanthropic "genes" and to go ahead and do something with them!
    It doesn't always take a lot of money to be a philanthropist because time is just as valuable and sometimes, when involving people directly, one on one can change a person's life simply by showing them that they matter enough that you'll spend time with them. In the case of spending time with children, giving them that positive attention and love even if it's just for a short time, can encourage them to go on from those short moments to after they've grown up, eventually doing far more for others than one could ever have foreseen from the initial encouragement and validation that they matter and make a difference to someone. A few brief impactful moments of one on one contact is as much a philanthropic gift but more in the sense of the choice to share of time and love! Done with my meager insights, such as they are.

  2. Why does she not make movies anymore is she like phoebe cates only make a couple great ones have the public love and want more and then u don't want to go down the pole from your big moment

  3. I wonder if she will give back all the slavery and blood money they stole and keep stealing? She is the face of evil capitalism and the reason why so many people are struggling and in proverty today

  4. Out Little Princess from the 90's all grown up to bad she didn't continue her acting career she was amazing in that movie and I never tire from watching that movie over and over again

  5. It’s crazy to me to realize she and I are the same age…. I was 11 years old when A Little Princess came out, and Sarah Crewe has remained the same age throughout the years, through which I’ve rewatched the film many, many times. It’s wonderful (yet mind blowing!) to see Liesel as a grounded, ethical, intelligent, and beautiful full-grown adult.

  6. Wow she's all grown up. I had a crush on her back in the 90s. Will we see her back on screen or maybe a cast reunion? A Little Princess (1995) just had it's 25th anniversary last year, and Air Force One' (1997) has it's 25th anniversary next summer

  7. Hi Pritzker!!!!!!!!! Your performance in A Little Princess was Excellent, and truly special and to be cherished forever. Unforgettable. Thank you so very much War Lord!!!!!!!!!!! Ariel Prize to you and your friends!!!!!!!! 😇😊 Thank you very much interviewer as well!!!!!!!!


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