Letting The CASHIER Choose Who PAYS! (Gave Rider New Shoes!) | Ranz and Niana

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  1. I love how kind and helpful Ranz & Niana to other people's. Giving back in a small & simple way, but for kuya rider it's a huge of blessing. He is overwhelmed really. God Bless to Ranz & Niana. More Blessings Comes. 👍❤️🙏🙌😇


  3. Kuya? We've been going around, What ever we buy,It's either me or him who's gonna pay
    But we felt that we don't need a shoes right now,So why not just gived to someone who needed.🥺

    -NIANA 💙

  4. Ive seen this challenge alot and mostly luxury stuff and made me wonder why they are spending so little knowing they are one of the most successful vloggers. And obviously, as they also said « they feel they dont need it ». And decided to help someone else instead. How beautiful is this? They made someone genuinely happy while making a good content. More of this please

  5. Giving away those shoes was a great idea. He was so happy. You both have so much, not that you dont deserve it, bcoz you do, for all your hard work that you do but giving other people who also works hard and just cant afford to buy something nice for themselves is a great idea. Just seeing the happiness in there eyes says it all. Yes please more videos plz. Thanks

  6. You are just amazing. Blessed be your parents for instilling charity in you. Stay blessed🙏🏾✨
    However, remember that you don't have to film every good deed you do 😘

  7. Reques lang sana mapag bigyan?yung mabigyan ng sana yung isang pamilya na walang wala na na kahit ngayon pasko lang sana eh maramdaman nila ang pasko?kahit isang pamilya lang sir ranz&miss nianna salamat sana mapansin po🙏

  8. I don't know why but my tears fall when they found kuya rider & be the lucky one to receive the expensive shoes…. Thanks Niana and Ranz Kyle for your generosity.


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