Let’s be active for health for all

Walk, cycle, skip and swim: being physically active promotes health and protects people from cancers, diabetes, heart disease and obesity – key forms of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). The Let’s be active campaign is promoting the advice of the WHO Global action plan on physical activity, which was endorsed at the World Health Assembly in 2018.

This video was made in conjunction with the Olympic Channel with footage kindly provided by the Olympic Channel Archive, Ramblers Scotland, Walk21 Hong Kong, the University of Western Australia Swim for refugees initiative and multiple WHO offices.

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  1. Hi can anyone give an idea on how to present for a health campaign? It's an assignment that I have to do (Because the lay population is relatively ignorant of the use and benefits of poultry litter an

    education campaign needs to be developed to enlighten people of its safe use. You are required to

    develop an educational campaign for poultry farmers on the introduction of recycling poultry waste

    into poultry litter. In your campaign you are to answer the following questions in an effort to

    encourage persons to utilize poultry waste in an environmentally efficient manner.
    But I don't know how to present the info i've gathered any ideas?


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