Lessons from the Human Genome Project

Prominent scientists involved in the Human Genome Project reflect on the lessons learned.

This video was shared as a part of the 2018 National DNA Day ’15 for 15′ celebration: https://www.genome.gov/27570930

Video production by 42 Degrees North Media for the National Human Genome Research Institute.

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  1. DNA is CODE! It is a code more complex than any computer program we've ever written. That is a fact. Why then, do people insist that no one wrote that code? The code is not simple binary with one position and two options. No, DNA has four positions with four different options. The complexity of that blows away any thing mankind has ever done. Why then, do we think it is not written in a language different from our computer language?

  2. Amazingly enough that even an intelligent Scientist evidently overlooked the tremendous value of a diverse team for the human genome project whereas fortunately another did not..
    I recall two departments an Ivy league University. Neither thought the other was necessary in Unity together to evolve their Sciences ?
    They realized they were.
    Who was it that brought the two departments together, finally ?
    As I understand it,Steven Hawking of all people.
    Human evolution is best served using our greatest gifts within unity of each other ,together ,for solutions not in disunity !For prejudices, racism and hate divide humanity. Love understanding and compassion ,in our thinking ,bring us together.

  3. wow. just wow. and with the popularization of IVR, couples will one day be able to practice an ethically just and noble form of eugenics. couples may have the power to decide what genetic mutations they do not want to pass along to their offspring (e.g. schizophrenia, psychopathy, depression, breast cancer, addiction, dementia, epilepsy, autism, etc.). however, my fear points to the possibilities of misuse – both intentional and unintentional.

  4. The Human Genome Project did bring all people together except an idiot like Ken Ham who still believes Earth is only 6,000 years old and the talking snake was real in the book of Genesis (Old Testament).

  5. Its the best video my eyes has seen so far. All those names I 've been studying in my primary years are pictured in one video making it most interesting this for early researchers like me.

  6. How come all primates on earth have 24 pair of chromosomes and only humans have 23 pair, in which every second pair is merged, fused together, what is impossible by nature. Why scientists don't admit we humans have 22 different dna strings and because they have no clue why, call it junk dna.
    Are they blind or suppressed or mentally dumbed down?
    Knowledge is power 🌋

    How can it be that all scientists don't understand dna? The human genome? I tell you the key. All in universe is energy frequency and vibration. .
    Knowledge is power 🌋
    My opinion

  7. It was awesome
    And we could recognize the that what others are… Right?
    We could save the future goals (childrens) from kind of disease…. !


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