LEOPARD 50 PARTS ARRIVE//Our Shipping Container Has Arrived From South Africa-Episode 59

This week we are shifting gears and cleaning the boat up while we wait for more materials and we finally get to unpack our shipping container from the factory in South Africa!

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Loving Caliber, Nashional, Divty, Stonekeepers

0:00-0:26 – Intro
0:26-0:53 – A Much Needed Break
0:53-5:04 – Wipe Away That Yard Grime
5:04-6:56 – Cozy Comfort Food
6:56-13:57 – The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For
13:57-14:44 – Outro

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Comment (50)

  1. okay Kim, that stew looked perfect for a northwest afternoon meal! yummm. 
    We need to talk about Syd being on her own, clearly she's not ready as witnessed by all, her unable to work a seatbelt 😉 <3…
    the boat looks like a million bucks compared to a couple months ago…well done. putting the boat back into the shed, you really see the extent of the structural work ty is expert at repairing. you gotta know what your doing to tackle this. ..and this entire family I have full confidence on their capabilities….except when there's a seatbelt nearby…(LMAO couldn't let it go Syd :-).
    the SA package will keep you going for a while. Im baffled at the boat yard moving you…at their whim….From white rock bc Canada, cheers all and HAPPY THANKSGIVING in advance! Cheers.

  2. Guys I thought watching the first video bloody hell these yanks got rocks in there heads. You proved me so wrong.keep going. I look forward to splash day as you are. Cheers n beers Marty Australia

  3. I can't watch you guys burn money anymore.
    You should have fixed the hull and floated the vessel ASAP when you found out the boat yard were cheap assed scabbing dogs.
    All the rest you could fix on a block of land or another boat yard.

  4. Big fan of you guys and your latest project. Honesty Alert: I could not stand the "comfort food" segment. I was forced to fast forward through that so that I did not vomit my own comfort food all over my shirt. I know that this "food and how to cook and eat it properly" thing seems to be a thing with many of the sailing channels, but I couldn't possibly give less of a shit what you guys or anyone else for that matter eat on rainy days (or sunny or cloudy or stormy days) or how it is prepared, etc… I wanna see you break shit and fix shit and say shit and do shit and eventually sail super cool shit… Not interested in how you cook shit and eat shit that will ultimately just make everyone shit… Just my $.02… Still love you guys… Keep fixing your shit !!! 😉 P.S. – I had pizza.

  5. Its the first time I could see the color you mentioned previously that you painted her- love it and she will be easy to spot amongst all the white yachts!

  6. Let’s talk about how gorgeous that blue paint color is! I don’t know why I love it so much when boats blend a little with the sky and the sea, but I do. Nice color choice!
    Can’t wait to see your progress once the resin comes in. Have a great Thanksgiving week!


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