Legacy of NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope: More Planets Than Stars

After 9 years in space collecting data that revealed our night sky to be filled with trillions of hidden planets, NASA is ending the Kepler space telescope’s science operations. Kepler discovered over 2,600 planets, some of which could be promising places for life. https://go.nasa.gov/2P2umV1

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  1. All of these people at NASA and everyone else that is related to Astronomy in any way has the best job on the planet earth or I must say in the Universe. Long Live Astronomy, Long live NASA

  2. Amazing!
    Kepler taught us a lot.
    It further confirmed Giordano Bruno's ideas that “there are innumerable suns, and around those suns there are worlds” proposed 500 years ago.

    I can't wait for the info that the TESS, and the JWST (when it's launched) will bring to light.

  3. I understand that they detect planets by measuring the slight dimming of the starlight when a planet passes in front. Does this mean that they only can detect a planet in a system with its plane of planet orbit inline with our point of view? I know I could probably google it but Im to lazy now…

  4. It was said at least once that the other planet(s) are unlike ours…

    …so my questions are numerous….. first how do they know our planet is unliked and how did this happen….Facebook?

    ….if they really do know what stopped liking each other is it a social thing…..personal…a family thing or what?

    … I could go on and on…

    I like “my planet Earth” & also other planet(s) that I haven’t even met yet…so I guess I answered at least one of my questions….the likening planet comments are inaccurate.

  5. Thank you Team Kepler & Nasa for the immense sacrifice and dedication to achieve. these goals are priceless! Thanks Kepler we could build more precise and powerful telescopes.

    Thanks from Germany
    Massive Respect !

  6. Excellent video, and I'm even more impressed that NASA put an older person (75?) in charge of Kepler. Well done NASA! No age-ism in your organisation. And, I just realised something, one of those lovely NASA personnel (I think it was John Jenkins) said that there is (on average) at least one planet orbiting every star in our galaxy….latest estimate has from 100 billion to 400 billion stars in our galaxy….that's AT LEAST 100 billion planets in our galaxy! You can't tell me there aren't at least several E.T. civilisations out there, and this supports many of the thousands of E.T. reports from all over the world since World War II (and several dozen over the years before it, and if Erich von Daniken is correct, the even more numbers of reports decayed into the world's main ancient religions add further weight). There are all sorts of reasons why Establishment "science" and "media" would want to ridicule E.T. reports even if they are real.

  7. Imagine life on a “super earth”. The Tsunamis and volcanoes would be stupefying.

    They might also be unaware of other galaxies from possibly being unable to get to space.

  8. A video about Kepler telescope and NASA uses artist's rendition of planets just like any other videos on youtube. This is very dissapointing.

    I was hoping for actual photography (no matter how blurry or miniscule) not freakin cartoons.

  9. We can make a biggest magnifiying glass to make a sunlight for engines of spaship to travel in kepler,

    Examples of sattlelites, when we have sunlight, the sattlelite can rotate around the earth

  10. The Earth moovin changed and when the battery changed the nasas telescope moovi changed not just on the sinus and cosinus moovin to do alone. Kepler wnated to mission wasnt to do. But lot of people never to know other place that ways. just contatct.

  11. The telecommunication fabrics and materials and things we want to use but not just by the way, lot of communication statue had and must to safe…

  12. This is why i like to be an astronout when i grow up,,i like looking at the stars,,the Milky way Galaxy and many many more,,,and then i'll travel to the space,,,go to the moon,,Wooowww…..i like being an astronaut when i grow up,even though i'm a girl,,and i really love NASA★★★

  13. Since I was young, I really love learning about solar system and the universe. at age of 4, I really want to learn why sun, moon and stars are floating? at the age of 5, I already know the names of all planets inside our solar system even their differences, and I really want to become an astronaut someday, but because of poverty here in Philippines, I was uncapable to reach these dreams. To walk into the moon and Mars, discover much more planets that I want to, and hope to meet alien friends. Now, I am studying a degree which is Education major in Filipino. Yeah, I know it was so opposite for what I dream before, but I chose this program because I realize that I want to learn more about my society where I belong, before proceeding for learning the context of universe we live for. (sorry for my english. I hope you understand what I want to express while living here in my country)

  14. I am so obsessed with space. It is my passion and my dream. Therefore, my ultimate goal is to work at NASA and make sure that I reach out to the cosmos and devote my entire life to the wonders of the universe.

  15. My son passion and dream to become scientist, he always addicted watching story of outer space.. He learned all of it he's only 8 yrs old.

  16. This stuff is so interesting to me. I can’t help but wonder what’s out there…there could be other life forms that’s are so exotic and candy stand extreme heat or cool temperatures, that don’t need oxygen or water, is not effected negatively by extreme radiation exposure. Humans always try to base everything on what’s NORMAL to us when in reality we probably know about less than 1% of our mysterious universe. I just have a hard time thinking earth is the only planet in this vast universe that contains life….I wish I could be alive once we finally find other life forms out there but that will definitely be wayyyy after I’m dead & gone 😭


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