LeBron James has been ejected after this flagrant 2 foul

Isaiah Stewart was furious after LeBron James inadvertently made contact with his face.

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  1. They all didn’t wanna listen to me about the start of the season. I knew exactly what would happen. I only wanted to protect the well being of the players which ultimately is the PRODUCT & BENEFIT of OUR GAME! These injuries isn’t just “PART OF THE GAME”. It’s the lack of PURE – LeBron’s tweet June 16, 2021

    Then proceed to purposely elbow a player anyway 🤣

  2. stewart's whole arm was on lebron's underarm, then lebron try to swat his arm and accidentally hit his face. look how lebron apologies after. y'all haters just found something to hate him more. bad move from lebron tho. shit happens.

  3. A guy leaning and elbowing/pushing your back and wrapping/grabbing/holding his arms to you what are you gonna do?

    A. 'Flop' but haters will call you soft and LeFlop
    B. Agressively find a way to break out and assert dominance.
    C. Do nothing and let them get the rebound and score?

  4. It's not an elbow, and not even this Full on Punch you blind folks keep chanting! Swiped his arm away knew, obviously there will be contacted but he shouldn't have played with fire if he don't like thr burns! Man up and get on with it, diva much ???!!!

  5. He did it on purpose you dont throw elbows like that when you tangled up because you know for a fact you are going to somehow hurt the other player do i believe that he mean to split him open? Maybe not but he meant for his elbow to connect so he can feel it and maybe be scare to tangle up again.

  6. Bro who seen DJ about to make a wall and bust that boy Stewart up! Funny how everyone protected the king real fast but he earned some disrespect back in my opinion blow for blow homie

  7. Naw fam Bron need a game suspension he clearly hit that man no accident at all he just didn’t expect the outcome but the hit was intentional there wasn’t any tangle up at all.

  8. Comments are stupid. People are blurring the lines between courage and stupidity. Emotions causes one to act irregular especially after being punched in the face. All other players should be looking to mitigate the situation not round house the nearest opposing player or trying to haymaker Stewart. It’s just not the sport.

    Furthermore, AD did not run away. He’s being held almost the entire time. Even after Stewart charges, AD looks to stop him. Honestly, who to say Stewart even expected to get to Lebron anyways.

    Most people in the comments are speaking subjectively.

  9. I think most ballerz know by looking at what Bron did he just tried to swipe Stewart's arm down but caught em in the head. Idk how bad the impact felt but the fact that blood was drawn ups the ante. I've been hit before, wasnt really a hard blow but when I knew I was bleeding I felt some type of way. I think this was the case here he was leakin. I think Stewart's initial reaction was fine but going after Bron 2 more times in the way he did may hurt him down the line.

    Just my opinion not here to debate.

  10. "They're boxing out for the rebound. There…" [Sees LeBron straight-up punch Stewart] "Eh…eh…eh…eh… That angle we didn't, just everything broke loose."
    The announcer's stuttering is his brain trying to quickly spin this as an accidental elbow.

  11. Lebron is a BITCH.. Period.. has so many body guards.. ridiculous.. streets are real.. becareful… what you wish for.. good luck grocery shopping. Oh wait you don't do that, your people do.. oh reverse slavery what money pays for…..


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