Creative Director: NU KIM

Director : Yang Soonsik
Assistant Director : Jang Seoyun, Han Yubin, Kim Jongyeop

Director of Photography : Kim Eunki
Focus Puller : Min Sungju
2nd AC : You Minjoo
3rd AC : Ahn Yeoeun
DIT : Park Youngseo
Jimmyjib : Ji yungu
Grip : Lee se jin, Dongil Lee

Gaffer : Choi Doosoo
Lighting Crew : Kim Hyungseok, Jo Hoik, Jeong HyunWoo, Jung Wonho, Lee Junehee, Lee Sangjun, Kim Jihoon, Jeon Taeyoon, Yun Wanhee

Art Director : Ahn Yeonsu (scenelab)
Art Crew : Choi Chaekyoung , Son BeomKyu

SOURCE MUSIC. Rights are reserved selectively in the video.
Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
Manufactured by SOURCE MUSIC, Seoul, Korea

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Comment (7,723)

  1. ほわあぉあああええおあああえ?!???????ホユンジン???ホユンジン???推す!!!!!!

  2. Is she a queen? Why is she so beautiful? He even has such amazing talent and talent that he wants to make me scream for his first debut later

    Yunjin excited❤

  3. TBVH I waited SOOOO LONG for our giraffe yunjin to debut, I was stressed before bcs she joined a nugu company when I just feel it's really a shame for her talent. BUT WOW WHO WOULD HAVE IMAGINED she joined source music AND in the same grup with the final contestant which is Sakura and Chaewon. I definitely will stan this group.

  4. Wait I finally recognize the person who Yunjin have resemblance with. Doe eyes, angelic smile, guys…. Isn't she looks like Kim Tae Hee a bit or is it really just me

  5. Kalo lihat formasinya, sepertinya Sakura dan Chaewon akan berdiri ditengah, Yunjin dan Garam akan berdiri di samping mereka, kazuha eunchae ada di ujung kiri dan kanan..

  6. 本当にキリンちゃんだったんだ。pduの影はあまり引きずって欲しくなかったんだけどな。

  7. Okay so I didn’t really know that she did p48 but that’s why her face is kinda familiar now that I learned that
    I think her and Sakura will be my biases ! I’m so excited for this group because we waited for sooo long ! I’m sure the wait was worth it

  8. she was my 2nd fav (the 1st is sakura) in pd48. sakura is also my fav in iz*one, 2nd being chaeyeon. im so happy. i just wish chaeyeon is a surprise member debuting with them later but its highly unlikely 😅


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