Lawrence: DOJ Tells Trump-Picked Judge She’s Risking National Security

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell analyzes a new filing from Justice Department lawyers telling Judge Aileen Cannon that her order for the appointment of a special master to review the government documents seized from Donald Trump’s Florida home is creating a national security risk and could do “irreparable harm” to their investigation.
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Comment (11,104)

  1. She is a spoof for Donal Trump. She should be dismissed or take absence of leave from the federal court until her peers decide what should be done with her. She is beligerant and incompetent to hold that position

  2. And the 11th circuit COP is overseen by none other than the husband of Ginny Thomas, insurrectionist and co-conspiracist who abused her position to pressure, to radicalize false electors in swing states, and who is likely mentally ill herself… but who has thus far influenced her husband, Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court Justice, to not recuse himself from cases in which she may be subject and target of investigation and prosecution.

    Remarkable. Just remarkable.

  3. All this because a small group of white people want to take the running of the country out of the hands of its ELECTED multicultural multi ethnic government… and do away with the democratic process which put them there.😆

  4. The funniest part is the orange cheeto thinks hes dodging legalities left and right but on the contrary, hes only just proven that our justice system is deeply flawed and will ultimately relsult in laws being made that will guarantee his incarceration and ensure NOONE like him gets to breathe fresh air for the rest of their life and rot in prison where treasonous individuals belong. Along with all those holding any "government position" who abused their duties helping an enemy of the state.He jumped through his last loophole.

  5. Very possibly Trump re-domiciled to Florida from NY because he KNEW that he could corrupt jurisdictional judges in the Florida area, long-known as a haven for scammers, easier than he could in NY. He thus laid the foundation for his espionage scheme, having pre-appointed hack judges loyal to him who would erect the very kind of sham legal barriers that Cannon has just done. Trump stole classified docs for a good reason that he hasn't volunteered, and many of the docs are missing. Buying time is important for him, and we've already delayed far too long. Please, no more "Mr. Nice Guy!"

  6. What county club of a Federal Penitentiary would a former President of the United States go to? How would that work? Would the secret service have to be there also?

  7. Let's pretend that foriegn operatives haven't already seen those classified documents. Spies around the world will be reaching out to pumpkin patch patty if it becomes obvious that he's going to jail.

  8. Donald Trump used The Celebrity Apprentice to gain skills for success and used none of them.

    He would have gotten fired off his own show. But If he started doing the right things, he could make a come and surprise the world. Villian turn good guy is always a hit. He could have it all.

  9. I think it's rather humorous that people commenting about this aren't saying anything about how Obama took thousands od papers, yet no one questioned him.. or how Mrs clinton had an email server and phones that had top secret info on them.. not to mention the fact that the sitting president has been taking money from foriegn entities for years selling american secrets… I am not a big Trump fan, but this is getting ridiculous… Take a step back and look at the big picture, even if you hate Trump, he has been treated worse than any president in history..


  11. I'm sorry if the government had worked in good faith through its previous investigations they might have some Merit now and this wouldn't look politically motivated. It's unfortunate that there were so many dishonest people in the FBI that their reputation has been stained so badly that a special Master is needed.

  12. DOJ should arrest her for interfering with a criminal investigation. This judge is tampering with the chain of evidence. She is fully aware what she is doing.

  13. too funny reading the comments from brainwashed a holes that watch this network for news, wake up idiots this is all trump hatred, now the democrat's are threatening a judge because she will look at the illegally searched documents stolen by an unhinged weaponized fbi, u bet the agents were sniffing the first ladies thongs, just to be fair here when will you super law and order patriot's start demanding an investigation into the biden crime family, when will you fools start to wonder why was hillary allowed to destroy evidence and that was OK. Thanks to all of you humanoids the fbi and doj have been weaponized and we are no better then some third world crap hole

  14. If anyone thinks trump is above trying to sell secrets they are sadly mistaken. That moral and integrity lacking creature would sell out and continue his traitorous actions without pause, and gladly gloat about it like the schoolyard bully, desperately in debt to Russians, he is.

  15. Make no mistake that all of this was part of Donald Trump and his lawyers plans. They want the investigation of his crimes halted until they get the opportunity to burn the evidence. I wonder who they had to threaten or pay off in order to get this judge assigned to his case despite the obvious conflict of interest with Trump having appointed her and her clearly MAGA political views. Her justice is clearly not being issued impartially and she should be removed from her office immediately!

  16. She’s gotta go and may appear to be bought by the Clown. She should not b allowed to preside, direct, guide on any matter. She obviously can’t be a neutral Judge and her qualifications as a judicial officer should be rightfully revoked- and her judicial misconduct should b litigated. If she wants to make a name for herself – she will go down in history as a unrighteous judge.

  17. THANK YOU L👑RD JE❤US💡🏆🎺🎺🎺🗣♦️
    L👑RD 4 YOU🙏🀄👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👌

  18. Of course stop the fbi yes , mr. Journalist you and the bin Laden administration barking up the wrong tree, and the reason people don’t like it is you guys using blatant force to come in on private citizen, and you mr journalist until you get a taste of what the constitutional creators went through you will stop your fool fool bashing of Donald Trump.
    TRUMP45 blazing on 🇯🇲😇🇺🇸

  19. I am enjoying every effort Trump has made to play victim because things are coming to light that we would not have known. It was Trump who told us the FBI had searched Mar a Lago. It was the GOP that demanded that the FBI release the search warrant. It was Trump who asked for a special master and the GOP that claimed the nuclear document didn't exist. Karma baby.

  20. If she really didn't know, or understand, that the FBI is part of the intelligence community, she is a complete partisan hack and that is exactly why Trump and McConnell put her in the position she is in. She was put there just to be there when he gets put on trial, that is a partisan hack.
    The republicans constantly accuse democrats of doing exactly what they are doing, point the finger at them and don't look at what the republicans are doing.

  21. This is such a low point in our beloved country history. The Trump legacy continues as it becomes startlingly clear that America has been betrayed. We need to take our country back from these criminals.

  22. Honest Question:. Why is she not expected to recuse herself? She cannot be unbiased. Trump gave her the job. I thought if there was even the appearance of bias a judge was expected to recuse themselves? If not, the WHY is it not expected? It seems pretty obvious.

  23. What a lesson in what we don’t need in our National all seemed incredibly transparent this was a bad Presidency going bad every moment..those around him incredulous at the mixed up status of things..but who would cross such uncouth faux ness we are tasked with summoning a team effort to connect the dots and disentangle..


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