Land Rover – Project Discovery X Stephen Graham

Watch as Stephen Graham takes on his next project as family driver. In a challenging year the Graham family has learnt that getting away from it all, discovering new places and having a laugh is more valuable than ever. Find out more about Project Discovery here:

Buy Stephen’s sunglasses here:

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  1. Eu vejo a Land Rover uma marca que só quem gosta dela é pessoas de muito bom gosto e pessoas de berço, a família real só usa os carros da Land Rover isso passa uma confiança de que o bem é duradouro e valorizado

  2. I’ve never understood (and this highlights it) why a British car manufacturer and in this case a British actor is driving a car on British plates in the British countryside but driving an EU spec car. Why do they never advertise cars to their home country?

  3. Advertisements are always misleading! Don't trust them!
    @landrover @landrovercanada – Even roadside assistance didn't arrange any help/towing, rather kept on giving false promises for 4 hours that they are arranging the help as my vehicle had roadside assistance, but when it grew dark and started raining, they said call the local authorities.


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