Kris Jenner Reorganizes Kylie’s House When She’s Not Home

James’s guests Kylie Jenner and Kris Jenner join him on the couch, and they celebrate the fact that Kylie is here even though she badly hurt her knee just yesterday. Kylie shares a story of a keychain that she stole from a friend’s house as a young girl and then lied about for years before coming to clean to Kris. Then Kris talks about wrapping gifts and selling candles as a child, and Kylie shares how Kris will reorganize her house when she’s not around. And Kylie discusses her new cosmetics collection inspired by Kris.

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  1. Doing these interviews has to be scary. You have to try to say things are going to make for interesting conversation for at least 15 minutes. In Kylie's case, people just want to hear about her babies/relationship, plastic surgery, career, rand ultimately why she and her stories are relevant or why she is even a celebrity. If she can conquer all of that prior to going into the interview, she won't ever need Kris by her side to carry the interview.

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  3. I've never watched a Kylie interview, but I gotta say…she is so much more likable in this setting. She seems like a chill, rich-ass homegirl. I fuck with this vibe

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  5. It may be due to lip filler, nose/cheek surgery, liposuction and hair extensions but Kylie's looks at 25 have genuinely improved 200% since the girl she was at 15.


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