“KONOSUBA 2” OP – “TOMORROW”(この素晴らしい世界に祝福を!)(Violin Cover)

Hi, I played “Tomorrow” the OP of KONOSUBA 2 by Violin!
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*Information for Sheet music of the songs I played*
Some sheet musics of songs I played are available, not expensive!
Please see two links below;

http://www.dojinongaku.com/contents/group_profile.php?grid=1960 />And English guide is:
(Sorry, in matter of copyright law in Japan, please allow me to sell them at the price 2 or 3 dollar)
I wish the sheet musics help you to enjoy playing Violin!

I used Fonzi M’s Midi track as Backing Piano track.
A little I edit it for violin playing.
Check his channel and original clip via the link below:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Qp8Vyj6frw />You can see his Solo Piano tutorial for this song, I edited the notes for Violin playing though.
His channel has a lot of piano Synthesia Tutorials!
So thankful to him as always 🙂

I created a Twitter account! Follow me @Silverick on Twitter
“Silverick” is the word for new Channel Name, I will change the Channel Name from “ViolinxViola” to “Silverick” later.

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  1. :O your nails are pretty damn long xD, anyway sounds very nice as always! keep it up.
    Don't know any of the characters, I haven't watched konosuba yet but its on my list.

  2. My favorite characters is kazuma but out of the girls its megumin <3 too bad this won't get a season 3 but at least there's still the Ln <3


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