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Led by DeMar DeRozan’s 31 PTS, 6 REB and 5 AST, the Chicago Bulls defeated the New York Knicks, 109-103. Zach LaVine added 21 PTS, 6 REB and 4 AST for the Bulls in the victory, while Julius Randle tallied 34 PTS and 10 REB for the Knicks in the losing effort. The Bulls improve to 12-5 on the season, while the Knicks fall to 9-8.

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Los Angeles Lakers at New York Knicks – Nov.23rd at 7:30pm/et on TNT
Indiana Pacers at Chicago Bulls – Nov.22nd at 8pm/et on NBA League Pass

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Comment (430)

  1. Wassup with the referee's they got something against the bulls I've noticed they have been calling alot of dumb fouls against bulls and don't seem to call real fouls on the other team

  2. Sweet Revenge by the Knicks since giving us a first loss in the beginning of the NBA season. Great retribution by Coby White he needed a game since coming off a tough injury. If he stays healthy without being traded, 🚻 look out, This team will be going places throughout this season. 12-5, pretty good start for the Bulls since the Bears not having a great season, I guess I tuned in for Bulls basketball. Go Bulls. Looking good.

  3. I don't mind seeing these two teams battle in the playoffs, and the Bulls win as usual . Spike Lee trippin on the sideline with his orange and green plastic glasses . Lookin like the Green Lantern :0

  4. Knicks with Jersey Number 1 stinks at defense… most of the scores from Bulls in Q4 is from his lack of defense he is not in sync with his team's defense…

  5. What do you think that the bulls need to go from where they are now to be capable of winning it all. I know they lack something but don't know what. Whatever this team will be watchable all season long with this revamped team.

  6. Rose, Noah, Taj, best years were in Chicago. Love how the Knicks bragged about that trade, on twitter, years ago. as if we're about to be better than the Bulls. Rose went there and was disappearing. Noah basically went to NY, collected a heavy bag, smoked his green, and relaxed, until he was off the team. Rose is my guy, always will be (Chicago still loves u 🌹) And Noah and Taj my guys as well. But Rose and Noah finessed the f out the Knicks, after that trade. It was funny to watch. The Knicks always losing…. Trash franchise 😂

  7. Great call by Billy to start doubling Randle. If we didn't do that in the 4th, we would've definitely lost this game. Also, welcome back Coby we missed u bud <3.

  8. Safe to say that the NBA officiating of games is at it's all time worse. What is a foul now, someone getting injured🤔🤔🤔…..

    Seems as if they are doing so intentionally 🤔🤔🤔

  9. I wonder what SAS and Spike Lee has to say about the Knicks NOT making the Playoffs this Season? LOL Julius Randle is Starting to REALIZE he is the ONLY Consistent Player on the Knicks, and he Expects to be Double Teamed MORE often. The Knicks will Struggle to Score 90 Points a Game as a Team for the REST of the Season in my opinion.

  10. Ian gone lie I really wanted Chicago to win But any team wit a Dominant Big scares me when they play! Unless they don’t play like it! I think we dodged one tonight! This was Randles game to win & Luckily we got one!


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