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Led by De’Aaron Fox’s 34 PTS, 6 REB and 8 AST, the Sacramento Kings defeated the Los Angeles Lakers in triple overtime, 141-137. LeBron James (30 PTS, 7 REB, 11 AST) and Anthony Davis (23 PTS, 8 REB, 4 AST, 3 STL, 4 BLK) combined for 53 PTS for the Lakers, while Russell Westbrook added 29 PTS, 10 REB and 11 AST in the losing effort, his 5th triple-double of the season and the 189th of his career.

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  1. LBJ was just walking and watching instead of being aggressive at both ends of the floor. That's the difference between LBJ and MJ when the game is on the line.

    Curry and MJ aged like a wine while Russ and LBJ aged like a milk.

  2. Davis is not enough in the middle and Vogel hasn't figured out a rotation because of to many good players lol, it's hard to win without a consistent rotation, I think it's to late the ship has sunk, no defense at all, plus not playing rondo enough, he should be starting at point and Russ coming off the bench, and Jordan and Howard should always be in the game I thought Vogel was smarter than this folks, if I can see it he should be able to as well, defense is key, especially with older players

  3. In case you were wondering, they showed 14 more shots of the Lakers scoring even though the Kings won. This sort of favoritism ratio is on every Lakers game. It’s so lame. Clearly the NBA has its favorites.

  4. Lakers gets too hyped which i think is doing more harm than good. Get back on fucking defense instead of celebrating a fancy shot. Seriously needs to get some of the Mamba mentality where the game isn't over, til it's over.

  5. russ is way better than heild. the problem is the lakers lack defense and shooting. that is brons fault playing gm. oh well, maybe they can get some pieces by the trade deadline.

  6. As a laker fan too much ISO ball movement. We need more off ball movement and off ball screens for open shots. Give Russ the ball and let lebron set a pick for the roll the whole game. Switch with AD every other play. Don’t do too much man to man defense play zone in the paint. Boom problem solved.

  7. I want every laker player to practice mid range shots ! The three is good but we need a shot more efficient right now. Make a lot of midrange shots off dribble and it’ll create more open 3s.

  8. LeBron acting like he's a Native Californian after only Three Years, and thought he was going to join the Lakers and take over L.A.! LeBron James will never be a Bonafide Laker, I don't care how many year's he plays for the Lakers. 👀

  9. The inability to put a team away every time we go up a little we relax. Unexusable. Vogel your on the hot seat my guy you needa be the one pushing the team to hussle

  10. I just don’t understand LeBron at times.

    No double came—and instead of muscling his way to the basket, which he was more than able to do with the defender on him; he takes a three when a two/even one (if he got sent to line) could have sealed the game

  11. God damn it Lakers we need some defense I might be a lebron fan but y'all need to step up the big 3 played good I didn't see how many turns Westbrook had but damn we need some more Wins

  12. If LeBron was a dirty player with ill intent I don't think the Sac bench would be laughing with him after he said something to the bench after the and1 layup in the 3 OT when everyones gassed an emotions would be super raw. Great W for Sac

  13. I knew it was going to end poorly for the Lakers when I saw Westbrook celebrating too hard in the 3rd quarter only up by 3-5 points. It was a couple of moments too. He should have fun doing what he does, but sometimes understand that he’s in L.A. to work and jobs need to be finished.

  14. Frank Vogel, you played the stupid big lineup that only gives you 43 points in the first half, and when leading by 11 points you decided to bring back the big lineup, and guess what the offence stall again, not to mention the Start of 3rd quarter Start with 5 turnovers and 2points in 4mins with the big lineup. Vogel needs to be fired.

  15. It’s now safe to say if the lakers keep playing at this paste they’re maybe looking on the outside at the play offs with Westbrook it’s go mean a problem the turn over machine they r having trouble with the weaker teams n also the stronger teams as well

  16. The Lakers want the glory of being a great team with great players but not understanding that every other team will be coming at them and giving them their best game likes it's the game 7 in the NBA finals… Lakers Have to be ready every night to meet that challenge..

  17. Buddy Hield would have looked good in a Lakers uniform vs. Westbrick. What a crap of a team, GM, and ownership. Bowing down to LBJ, the most overrated player in the NBA. Wonder what his opinion on the travel ban? Shut up and dribble.


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