Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX – Introduction to Kingdom Hearts | HD

Follow Mickey, Goofy and Donald and relive the origins of the first three KINGDOM HEARTS games in gorgeous HD, with full PS3 trophy support, and all-new content.

– KINGDOM HEARTS Re:Chain of Memories
– KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days (HD cinematics)

Available on 13th September 2013, exclusively on the PlayStation®3. KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX is fully subtitled in English/French/Italian/German/Spanish languages.

Preorder KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Limited Edition to receive an exclusive artbook featuring a behind-the-scenes look at the magic of bringing together Sora, Riku, and the immersive Disney worlds.

For more information about KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX, please visit

© Disney Developed by SQUARE ENIX. SQUARE ENIX and the SQUARE ENIX logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of the Square Enix Group

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  1. Yeah, well newsflash: They don't own Studio Ghibli! They only distribute Studio Ghibli's movie for international release! And they haven't lost their touch. Just look at The Princess and The Frog and Winnie The Pooh! If Disney took the time to reply on this site, then I'd tell them about my movie, and would be inspired to go back to making 2D movie!

  2. I know they don't own them, but they make money off there films, and Disney reported already that the demand for these movies are actually significantly low, so they don't plan on making many if at all. Take that for a news flash! Second, why compete with Ghibli, sure they don't own them but publish them in the states, but Ghibli's films are incredible and Disney is fine with letting them do their thing, Disney is still making money of these films.

  3. I know it originated in America, the company anyway, the man himself was German I believe. What I was getting at is how people in America (assuming he is American) seem to think America is the entire world. I mean they refer to themselves as Americans when America is the US, Canada, Mexico and the other bits around there, and Brazil and the other South American countries for crying out loud xD
    But, I agree, the American VAs can't be beat. Except in anime

  4. If they're fine with it, then they'll make 2D movie. 2D movie is what made Disney Disney. And besides, I'll do anything to see them make another 2D movie, even if I have to kill myself to make it happen! Because the 2D movies is what I grew up knowing. I'll admit, TOY STORY, WRECK-IT RALPH, all great film! But nothing can touch and warm the heart of a person like the 2D films they made! And I'll always be looking for new 2D movie from the company that started it all, with a 2D film!

  5. While that may be true, most of there classics are princess fairy tell type movies with the exception of a few stars like Micky, but blame it on society & general media, Disney said there is no money in these movies any more because little girls don't want to be a princess anymore, they want to do grown up things. That's exactly what Disney said, and that is exactly true, by 8 years old, little girls want to be sluts because they see teenage girls on their favorite shows acting like so.

  6. So like with this do you think you'll have to play through the other two kingdom hearts story's first before it lets you watch the remastered 358/2 day movie? Or can you just watch it without having to play through the other games first?

  7. I'm very excited for the 1.5 HD ReMix. I never got the chance to play Kingdom Hearts back in the day, how would you guys compare it to other RPGs ?? it looks really interesting too me.

    I just recently picked up Kingdom Hearts 1 for my ps2, but i have alot of games on my backlog so i haven't gotten around to start it yet. I'd like to play the other games in the KH series too, what would you guys recommend ?

  8. Hope they are going for 2.5 next that leads straight to the KH3. I have only played the 2 main games. I still don't believe they are going to put KH2, BBS, Re:Coded (not desired) and DDD in one package though.

  9. they will make a Kingdom Hearts 2,5 HD remix in the feutere including Kingdom Hearts 2. Kingdom Hearts Coded. and Dream Drop Distance! they said it would be pointless to only make 3 of the games in HD

  10. No if they make kingdom hearts 2.5, it will be KH2 Final Mix, Birth By Sleep Final Mix and all cutscenes of re:coded because it the credits for 2.5 you see scenes from these games!

  11. Well the series has been growing alot since it's first game. Which is honestly one of the few good button mashing games because you"ll spend 80% of the game hitting attack repeatedly. But it's still fun. Chain of memories plays completely different, but was an interesting adventure. KH2 takes the first game and makes it's formula more around action and story. 358/2 days does the original gameplay style on the DS (which is pretty impressive, but with it's own twists). BBS&DDD are more strategic.

  12. it's had quite a lot of ups and downs. my recommendation is play them all without exceptions (maybe days and coded can be skipped if wanted) since the story is REALLY convoluted and confusing at times.
    KH1 is the hardest but one of the best too so there's that.
    KH2 is the easiest, but fun as hell (sadly, just like dynasty warriors dificulty wise)
    KH:BBS is the best IMO gameplay wise and just over all KH game, also being the hardest, and the darkest storyline hands down.

  13. you can select all of them from the get-go (although i don't know why, especially since KH1 has the final mix content which adds alot of stuff from the original and was exclusive to japan)

  14. you really liked all of them? even the pointlessness of coded? (only important thing is the 3-5 minute secret ending).
    also KH1 is the only one being remade from scratch, and it's only because they lost all data for the original. CoM is just getting an upscale. and days is getting remade too, but it's not like they had much of a choice there. (fun fact: they were going to have days playable, but couldn't due to time constraints.)

  15. I've never played a Kingdom hearts game before but when I saw the trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 I became interested. Do you guys recommend me getting this? I will be grateful. I'll be even more grateful if you can tell me which weapon I should pick at the start and which one I should exchange. Thank You.

  16. Yes, you should get this! It's a great game series! There are many games in the series. I suggest you get this one, and 2.5 coming next year. You will be introduced to the whole series. It's very intresting, you will get sucked in the game within an hour of gameplay. Hope I helped

  17. Wrong. Nomura stated in an interview, that it would be pointless not to make a 2.5. He also said we should expect a new Kingdom Hearts game every year until the release of Kingdom Hearts III. My guess would be 2013-1.5 2014-2.5 2015-III but who knows for sure

  18. Sorry, lad. But your a bit wrong. We should expect to see Kingdom Hearts 2.5 around 2014. As promised, Nomura said he would release a new Kingdom Hearts game every year until KH3. And, sadly 2.5 will only contain Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix, BBS Final Mix, and Re:Coded cutscenes. Sorry, but it's true.

  19. They'll probably just have 1.5HD and 2.5HD be on the PS4 store. Since, Sony is stupid and doesn't include backwards compatibility. That's why I prefer Nintendo consoles. I still love my PS2 today.

  20. I would definitely recommend it. As for the weapon, there is no right answer. whichever ones you choose determine your strengths in the game. For example, choosing the sword as your power means that Attack will be your best attribute, but giving up the staff means that Magic will be your weakest. So it's all a matter of preference.

  21. It's definitely a game to get, great story, characters, and plots. 2.5 should come out next year (it'll have KH 2, and some other titles), then KH 3 in 2015. Its an amazing series that I've known and loved since I was a kid. When I start the game I always pick offense and give up defense.

  22. Yes, I recommend getting this when it releases. Regarding the weapon thing at the start, you're going to find it to be the best combination as a first play through to choose the shield and drop the wand. Mind you, when I first played this I was oblivious to this recommendation and did choose sword (still dropping the wand) but I wouldn't recommend doing this. Of course, if you choose to do other playthroughs then it doesn't matter too much what you want to experiment with.

  23. I suggest playing Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep on an emulator on your PC if you don't have a PSP, that is a story that takes before Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts is a great game, its entertaining, good story, good characters (Better if you like Disney). As for the weapon, go with whichever you prefer, attack, defense or magic and give up whichever you don't like. I personally pick attack and give up magic.

  24. It depends on your play style realy 😛 but I always go for strenght and ditch magic 😛 and I dont recommend you this game I say Why the F ARENT YOU PLAYING YET 😛 Kingdom hearts is 1 of the few games that always delivers 🙂

  25. KH2 "and some other titles"

    Theres just birth by sleep and re:coded left

    unless they also put dream drop distance in there 🙂

    Anyway it would be nice if they could release them in chronological order tho.

    Birth by Sleep – KH1 – Chain of Memories/ 358/2 days (they run alongside eachother) – KH2 – Coded – Dream drop distance – KH3

  26. Its one of the best stories you will ever experience. Its really dark and complex too despite the game looking childish. And you will possibly cry numerous times. The story is that great.

    Chronological order is like this: Birth by Sleep – KH1 – Chain of Memories/ 358/2 days (those run alongside each other) – KH2 – Coded/re:coded – Dream drop distance – KH3

    best of luck, you wont regret getting it

  27. go ahead it's a awesome game with a realy awesom story but for KH2 you'll need a Ps2 with the original Game, i played KH1 with the Normal Keyblade, also 2 i found all but never change it, its more a chellange when you play with the first one and makes more fun

  28. Amazing game, and definitely one of my most treasured gaming memories from when I was very young. I would pick the sword (for offense) and give up the staff (magic). Also, when telling 'about yourself' pick the first option for each question: not 100% sure, but I believe you get some sort of experience point bonus for that.

  29. YES. personally i like attack and giving up magic, because you'll still get magic anyways, but if you give up defense, you don't get the ability to block attacks, which REALLY sucks… I'm playing that style now not knowing that and not being able to block sucks… i picked starting magic and Sora's magic isn't any better really… so go with attack and give up magic, because you'll still get attack and magic anyways, but you CAN apparently give up blocking/defense…

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