KING COBRA – World’s Deadliest Venom Milking!

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  1. Holly cow that was quite something 2 c wow so freaking quick just damm wow i just wanna thank u coyote 4 what u do 4 are content mixing your OWN freaking blood with these venoms is insane 2 me and 2 c what would happen if u actually got bid by ether 1 of these snakes that's is just so freaking crazy ) 2 c what actually happens with blood VS venom WOW, tk u again so so much 4 this video take care people 😎😎😎😎💛💚🤍🖤 🤎🧡.

  2. I was waiting for "I am Cayote Peterson, and i'm about to enter the bitezone…" I miss the old days when every animal they feature would bite then describe the feeling. Without cursing thats the best part

  3. I now have a newfound respect for you for using science to gauge the deadliness of snake venom… instead of letting the goddamn creatures bite you, like you do with insects. Most insects were not designed to kill humans… at least not one sting at a time. Snakes obviously were.

    Pointing out the amount of venom these creatures inject… as well as how much is generally lethal to the average human was also the ideal way to point out how dangerous they are.

    Great video!!

  4. Tyler Nolan was bitten by a full grown king cobra a few years back. He had a hellva ride but survived. Ended up losing his finger though and was in a coma for a bit. He actually got venomated twice from that bite. A few days after the bite when he woke up they were cleaning his finger and he tasted the copper again and told them he need anti venom again, they told him it was impossible so he called a friend that brought the anti venom before and by the time he showed up he was in a full fleged venom attack. Thats some scary crap! He's a lucky man. But he still owns venomous snakes and even handles the one that bit him

  5. Coyote is wrong about the gaboon being the biggest viper. That title belongs to the bushmaster. The gaboon does have the largest fangs and has the most venom released for a bite but they aren’t the biggest viper.

  6. Technically the Gaboon viper has the Longest fangs in the world but, the longest viper is the Black-headed Bushmaster. They can get up to 12ft or about 3 meters where the Gaboon only gets 6ft or about 1.5 meters. Gaboon, to the best of my knowledge, is the heaviest viper. It’s like the green anaconda being the heaviest bodied snake but, the Burmese python is the longest snake in the world. King cobras are also the longest venomous snake in the world not just the longest elapid.

  7. You guys are dangerous I have a cut snake that's a tangerine You guys are dangerous I have a pet snake that's a tangerine honderan Milk snake my snake is the best.🐍🐍

  8. Me over here shock cuz the viper literally moved it’s eyes
    Reason why that’s crazy is cuz snakes can’t move their eyes cuz they have skin over their eyes that’s why you never rlly know when a snake is sleeping
    (Ik this bc I have a Milk snake and ik a lot abt snakes)

  9. Hi everyone. My name's Anna. I'm new to this whole thing and…I'm hoping reaching out might help making the next step towards my dream job to milk venomous animals for a living. Ideally travel around the world collecting it or the animals that produce it. So far, I've been accepted and currently training at the Phoenix Herp. Sanctuary's venomous snake training where I'm learning how to handle and read mainly rattlesnake behavior as my first step. But because my field of interest is so niche, it's been hard to find opportunities where I can apply what I've learned into the job I'm looking for.
    I guess what my question is: are there any opportunities/facilities near me (Mesa, AZ) where I can take the next step towards milking venom? It doesn't have to be reptiles for me to start this journey.
    Thank you for putting time into reading this brick of text and thank you much for any help/advice.

  10. Awesome video! My favorite snake since I have been watching some different YouTube channels is the Malaysian king cobra. They are neat snakes with some interesting facial expressions. The gaboon viper is a close second……..they are such beautiful snakes!! This experiment was cool in seeing the red blood cells being spliced under the microscope. The couple that does the milking are heroes in my book! I can only imagine how many lives have been saved because of them! A HUGE THANKS to them! Thank you Brave Wilderness for this video!! I thoroughly enjoyed it 😁. 😄❤️🐬

  11. People should go watch a Gaboon Viper strike when it's feeding on a rat or mouse. It's terrifying. The power that they have is like a shotgun, and after they strike they lift their heads up off the ground taking the prey along with it so it can't fight as easily.

  12. Carl is so Courageous for putting himself face to face with danger to bring us knowledge of how the blood reacts to venom under a microscope for folks such as myself that benefit from a visual. 👍💪🙏


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