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Watch as US comedian Kevin Hart has BBC Breakfast presenters Bill and Susanna in stitches. He discuss his latest film ‘Ride Along’, his career and his entourage.

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Comment (175)

  1. The first 25 seconds tell the difference between USA's view and the rest of the world's. Crazy. Lol! ( psychology 101 if you don't get it)

  2. Kevin Hart has so much money, all else it senseless and ridiculous to him. Just like the rest of us on payday, you don't give a damn what's happening around you. Check please! Lol

  3. I love how they started with negative intent trying to trigger him, but Kevin Hart is such a legend that he turned whole situation around and made a positive atmosphere. I feel like people like that are gems in this society!

  4. I hate when news shows or interviews bring in a guest and start giving them these shit questions to get a rise out of them about voilence/sex/drugs in their movies, so what every movie should be about hugs and rainbows? It's such shitty journalism.

  5. BBC Breakfast hadn’t been the same same since around 2002, as in 2020, when it employed some crack pot presenters, such as the two here, as for the OTT guest, never seen him before or that film.


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