Kate Middleton’s STUNNING wedding dress | The Royal Wedding – BBC

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Watch the BBC first on iPlayer 👉 https://bbc.in/iPlayer-Home Kate Middleton arrives at Westminster Abbey wearing an ivory and lace gown designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen.

Live from London, around the UK and across the world, it’s the wedding of the century – and everyone’s invited, as Huw Edwards, Sophie Raworth and Fiona Bruce present full, uninterrupted coverage of the day’s events.

In a modern fairytale steeped in tradition, Prince William will marry Catherine Middleton in front of a congregation which includes kings and queens, cabinet ministers, butchers, grocers and postmen. An estimated two billion viewers will watch worldwide, and a team of BBC reporters will be capturing all the stories, reactions and celebrations on a day of unadulterated national celebration.

The Royal Wedding | 2011 | BBC One

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  3. Seeing, Kate in her beautiful wedding dress, to now the mother of three beautiful children. She's the epitome of grace, poise, elegance, and the ideal woman to be a Kings Consort. A wonderful lady, inside and out.

  4. Kate has shown that she's a bully, jealous tyrant. She made Meg cry and yet she didn't correct the tabloids, what a pretender.

  5. This is what a true princess is. She’s truly a regal young woman! I can’t wait to see her Crowned Queen of England!

    The shit stain Megan markle will never be royal, she’s trash and belongs in the trailer park of Hollywood!

  6. What a Lovely, elegant & high quality gown. It’s W&C’s 10 year anniversary and it’s still stunning & fashionable today. Timeless. Well done. 👑

  7. To be honest Kate's dress is not as pretty as Meghan because it lacks that exquisite taste and sophistication. Meghan's dress was bespoke of her personality charm

  8. Вообще нет сравнения с ДИАНОЙ ,это не есть принцесса не в движении,не в поведении ,не в улыбке,не в общении !!! Это есть самая что ни на есть обыкновенная просталюдимка из народа которая просто по ошибке втиснулась в королевскую семью .



    Happy 10th Anniversary from the Royal Kingdom Family Tradition to the Greatest Partners in the destiny of Duke Cambridge, they done the best thing that has ever been done in this world to aspire the rhythm of social wedding gather every audiences to support the important role of the Royal Kingdom Wedding. In the part of what William and Kate did is super amazing for not only for their storyline, participation, or change their lives but the make a huge difference in order to let the world know who they are is what they’ve chosen to become in the history of their journey. Once they comply with it, they’re automatically in for the greatest thing that can ever happen. The 10th anniversary is very similarly to Princess Diana and Prince Charles when they did it 40 years later. Diana & Charles are one of the best important weddings in the world which is never forgotten to millions of viewers worldwide. Both did great while William and Kate’s are incredibly outstanding to become the golden selective choice for the country to admire in fact, their Royal Kingdom Wedding is 100% perfect and thousand times more popular than anyone else’s. The Wedding brings everyone into the biggest results that everyone from around the country, leaders of the nation, Generals of the Commission, presidents of the community, ministers of the social party, Candidates , Celebrity guests stars, exclusive guests, visitors, relatives, legends, icons, Associates, producers, Live Pastors, and students of pride. The Anniversary is very important that Prince William and Princess Kate did everything in their glory of honor to be the greatest family partners in the Palace. With their kids on the line, they can celebrate the Adventure of the Duke of Cambridge Family.

    Celebrate the Greatest Anniversary of their perfect weeding that had been achieved in the Castel of Honor.

    Congratulations to the owners of the wedding anniversary best royal partners for family relations.

  10. Her gown is honestly what inspired me for my future gown. I remember seeing this moment live back when I was in 9th grade and being awed by the significance of the moment, even if I didn't quite know what that significance was at the time.

  11. She really has great taste. I can't imagine the challenging of deciding on a dress that's going to be a centerpiece for literally the most prominent wedding in the world, that you know will be watched by billions of people. But she did it (with help I'm sure)!! The dress is brilliant in its simplicity, and is just accented by lace and voila ~ elegant, classic, safe/conservative enough, yet romantic!

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