Karatsev Battles Evans in THRILLER; Murray Takes On Opelka | Sydney 2022 Semi-Final Highlights

Two INCREDIBLE semi-finals in the Sydney heat!

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Comment (179)

  1. Murray’s lobs at 4:42 and 5:02 are out of this world. Easily lobbing the tallest player on tour. Aslan’s offense is truly the best in the business. Both him and Evans are talented players! Both of whom beat Djokovic last year

  2. У Эванса с Карацевым получились качели. То один выходил вперёд, то второй. Настоящая битва! Красиво оба сыграли. Болел за Эванса, но Карацев тоже молодчина!

  3. Murray is such a clever tennis player. LOVE watching him.
    All those short slices and changes of direction – perfect game plan against Opelka.

    It's so rare with players with that sort of tactical ability and variety – brilliant to have him back.

  4. Damn it, I choked on my tea, and started coughing, after watching the third set, I got tea dripping on the keyboard, seems quite coincidence, that as Karatsev choked in the tie break I believe, I literally choked on my tea, which felt uncomfortable, a few games later!

  5. Great job Karatsev. I like the way he maintains himself in the court, very professional and humble man. Looking forward to your AO matches.

  6. Karatsev, easily one of my favourite players now. Hope he can climb even further up the rankings this year. What a story among all these new guys, it's like he is lone wolf on a mission

  7. When you see super tall people move you can tell that they aren't used to running around a lot because there's a palpable awkwardness/sluggishness about how they move. Opelka has none of that it's so strange! You almost forget that the guy is 6'11"!

  8. Andy – just wow! Opelka hasn't already reached the limit on this forehand topspin – so more to come in the future. What I love about Andies play: smart! He forces the others to play his game. And he physically is again (and still) capable of surviving this more defensive running intense game play.

  9. GREAT highlights! And all 4 are solid players. I can't wait to see what's next for Andy. I really hope he's 100% fit and healthy. From what I saw here, he is looking good.

  10. Didn't Karastev take an inappropriate timing toilet break. Murray doesn't like those. Lol
    Even more incentive to whip some butt now. Pay back time in honor of Evans.
    Murray will win.

  11. Some of the atleticism from Murray was just vintage. I wish him top 50 this year so badly! His ranking rn doesn't show, how much he's been working to come back

  12. I love Karasev as the only precision player that doesn't use a ton of spin. Truly an old-school player that can put the ball on a dime. I like Evans' classical style using the slice and one-handed backhand. Karatsev is a unique player in the modern game.

  13. Evans is really fast, has a lot of variation, but he lacks power compared to Karatsev. He is really in need of a Wawrika-like oder Federer-like top spin backhand, but that is very, very hard.

  14. Karatsev's backhand is a dangerous shot, much more so than the slice of Evans, although Evans has demonstrated many times that he can use his backhand slice 80% of the time and still hold his own in groundstroke rallies with some of the best players in the world.

    Opelka is dangerous and has the best all around game I've ever seen for someone close to 7' tall. Isner's game is good too but Opelka runs better and defends better. Karlovic was never able to defend well enough in rallies. In any case, Murray is unbelievably accurate with his lobs. He must practice them.


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