[KAI Vlog] 종인이의 집콕 라이프🏠 (비프 스튜&계란찜 요리/테라스 꾸미기/TV 시청/커피 만들기/레고 조립/집 청소)

여러분 집 밖에 나가시면 뭘 하시나요..
저는 집안에 있는 시간이 너무 행복하고 할 것도 많고 바빠서 나가기가 싫어요.
그 누구도 나를 집 밖으로 꺼낼 수 없어

#카이 #KAI
#카이브이로그 #KAI_Vlog

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  1. I love this content so much, this is what I asked for the other day when he asked what we want in his vlogs, just him decorating, cooking and relaxing at home 🥰

  2. Again watching my baby, now if I complete the video, it is so cozy to see him cooking, decorating his house and in his daily life. I was struck by the packaged carrot and the packaged garlic, were they garlic? Here they do not exist so clever lol. I love.

    I love you and I wish you a lot of love, health and a lot of success in all your projects. Waiting for PEACHES to support you.

  3. He’s just like us on his days off. Lazing about the house, just chilling and watching tv, cooking and cleaning. Same thing I do pretty much everyday. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of your life Jongin. 😍😍😍

  4. Thanks for sharing your daily life with us. It's really fun and healing.
    I look forward to seeing you again as soon as possible .
    P.S (Your a great chef.)
    Love you Jonginiii

  5. Мои восхищения, если человек талантлив, он талантлив во всем. Всего хорошего, самого лучшего!!!!!

  6. 아직도 경수를 사랑해?? 둘이 보고싶다
    나는 오늘 밤 카이소를 위해 울었다
    내가 여전히 카이소를 사랑하는 이 로봇

    제 댓글을 읽어주세요
    카이소 기다리고 있어
    😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔🐻my love🐧

  7. This was the perfect video.

    Just seeing Jongin's daily life.. it's so nice he decided to share this side of him with us. I think sometimes some tend to forget that idols/celebrities are also people like us, that enjoy spending time in their home, watching TV, cleaning and cooking

    Thank you Jongin for all the hard work and for making time to share moments like this with your fans

  8. i wish people wouldn't leave critical comments about how he cooks, cleans, etc. he doesn't invite us into his home like this for you to criticize how he lives. humble yourself, you're not perfect either.

  9. Sampe bablas ketiduran nyimak vlogmu KAI cieee bikin kariii…..kari lep Ora usah bayar lebih romantos lagi kalo kite yang nonton juga disuapin pake scop haha jadi….kencan kita tiap bulan sudah ditetapkan tgl berapa nih entar ngilaaang lagi ….jangan sekali³menceraikan kami….AaaRrrraaa….


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