Julius Erving and Gary Payton pick their five all-time players

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  1. I respect doc on his hating game he stick to his gun can u imagine u play pro and come home your kids want jordan Payton don't run for office or maybe you'll b great at that flip flop

  2. Jordan is better then all those people they named and Jordan is the only one it of them that has no losses in the finals

  3. lol the arguments here are funny, this is two separate individuals and THEIR top five, the players they like, why make arguments against other peoples top five? My starting five are Tim Hardaway, MJ, Pippen, Malone and Shaq, not because i can statistically prove they would be the best, they were just the players i liked most at those positions growing up.

  4. Its about how you play the game, how you see them play the game and the impact you have not just being on the team but the impact to make your WHOLE team better!! My Point guard Magic( hated him too big & too good) shooting G.Pippen Sm.forward MJ CENTER Akeem the Dream power forward Wes Unseld

  5. Dr J is n will always be a Jordan hater…he mad cause Mike did his moves better than him.. lol..made them an art, music n poetry…Mike is to be on " everybody's " top 5 list…

  6. It was bird, best shooter, best teammate, best closer, best trash talker, gave his body to the game, made more clutch shots than any other player, beat Michael Jordan 3 times, turned a franchise around when he a rookie from losing team to playoff contender, best off hand the game has ever scene. Like is there really a point to saying anymore… Larry Legend

    "If I had to choose a player to take a shot to save a game I'd choose Michael Jordan; If I had to choose a player to take a shot to save my life…I'd take Larry Bird." – Pat Riley

  7. My opinion: True greatness is the impact on the sport. Who put asses in the seats?, who turn on t.v.s?., who was global?. After the Black Sox scandal, baseball was done. Then came Ruth. He put asses back in the seats, turned on radios, and made baseball global. Muhammad Ali put asses in seats, created pay-per view t.v., and took boxing global. MJ put asses in seats, took the playoffs prime time (Magic & Bird ended tape delay playoffs, but were not must see prime time), and took basketball global, to the extent China now has a competitive league, thanks to Chinese MJ fans. The records can be broken, and stats surpassed, but Ruth, Ali, & Jordan stand alone. Also, based on this criteria, I'd argue Johnny Unitas was the greatest football player, because, starting with his 1958 overtime win against the NY Giants (that turned on t.v.s mid game, as millions of non fans watched football for the first time), and his continued greatness, the NFL took on baseball as Americas' favorite sport, as millions of kids wanted to be Unitas.

  8. This is why judges recuse themself from cases on which they have a vested interest and cops aren't allowed to investigate a crime against a relative. Two players who were deprived of further success at the hands of JORDAN so they now make a point of not mentioning him in their top five. They betrayed the sport in so doing and exposed their envy of who most know to be the gr8est player the game has seen, a man who when he played the NBA surpassed even the NFL for popularity in the US and was a international ambassador for the sport.

  9. I sincerely, very honesty have NO idea how someone can pick a top 5 and not include Bird. Of course, Dr J's five was when he was 15 – which is sort of silly – but regardless what era one played in I just don't see how Bird doesn't make a top 5. He elevated his teams like few others, and in my humble opinion he made some of his Celtic teammates better than they may have been on any other team. Of course, MJ HAS to be on any top 5.

  10. Dr J alone has more basketball knowledge and talent than the current generation of NBA players and everyone in this comment section combined will ever have. So y’all need to stop accusing Dr J of being a hater. He knows what he’s saying.

  11. Michael Jordan…well everyone jumped on his ride as he pulled the boring 60's and 70's and 80's basketball into modern times.
    Who didn't notice not only the changing of the guard but the changing of the game.
    The whole modern world cheered for joy as Dr J and his boring conduits playing days came to a end.
    We saw as the modern era was ushered in and spearheading that change was MJ.
    Ladies and Gentlemen we have a before Jordan and then a after Jordan arrived.

  12. Gary Payton lost to MJ in 96. MJ did Dr J better than Dr J. These guys are obviously bias on who the top 5 of all time are. Unquestionably the top 5 has to include MJ, Kareem, Wilt and Magic. Don’t matter the ranking of these 4 but they are by far the Mount Rushmore of basketball.

  13. This makes me cringe. Both Julius Erving & Gary Payton have a chip on their shoulder. Jordan stole the spotlight away from Erving as the ultimate high flyer when he came into the league & he can’t STAND it! And neither of them have Michael in their top 5?!! And on top of that Payton puts Erving in his top 5 while he’s sitting right next to him. What a little a%^ kisser. Delusional & jealous, the both of them.

  14. doc is not salty, he is ranking players only from the 60s, and intentionally left off kareem who he said is the best. you're not salty if you're being nostalgic about your childhood. plus he did have another interview which had another version that had jordan in his starting five fyi.

  15. Wilt Chamberlain is the BEST that ever played basketball, though I didn't like him. Talent, ability and force. Your boy _ _ will never be good enough to make my team

  16. One of my biggest regrets is not introducing myself to Dr. J as he stood on the train platform at Villanova all by himself and I was crossing from upper to lower campus sometime in late 80s.

    I was trying to not appear as a crazed fan, but I was really a huge one. There was a prime opportunity to shake his hand, get an autograph or whatever and I blew it.

  17. Dr J inspired me…I watched him play and go outside and practice what I saw him do for hours….except my rim was 8 ft and not 10 lol. The rim was nailed to an old walnut tree lol.
    It was great I still think of those inspirational days that are long gone.

  18. I like that big lineup Gary, really like it. But if you go with guys in their PRIME… Chamberlain, Russell, Jabbar, Dr. J, and Jordan… With Bird coming off the bench… And for the record the Dream almost got Russell's spot… But I prefer a more defensive lineup, since scoring and rebounding is almost limitless… Assuming here we are play by late 80's or early 90's basketball rules… when they still had rules…

  19. My Top 10 Favorite Players of all time..
    1. Allen Iverson
    2. Penny Hardaway
    3. LeBron James
    4. Jason Kidd
    5. Mahmoud Abdul Rauf
    6. Dwayne Wade
    7. Ray Allen
    8. Steph Curry
    9. Carmelo Anthony
    10. Muggsy Bouges

    1st Team (By Position)
    PG Magic
    SG MJ
    SF LeBron
    PF Duncan
    C Shaq

    Second Team
    PG Stockton
    SG Kobe
    SF Bird
    PF Russell
    C Wilt

    Third Team
    PG Jason Kidd
    SG Dwayne Wade
    SF Scottie Pippen
    PF Hakeem Olajuwon
    C Kareem Abdul Jabbar

  20. Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul Jabar, Bill Russell, Michael Jordan, Lebaron James each one these players totally the floor with the presence, apology to Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Kobe Bryant,

  21. Dr. Jay dumber and dumber two Julius Erving Gary Payton Julius Erving is mad because Jordan is the greatest and Gary Payton is bad because Jordan feed him in the finals

  22. they cant stand the fact that MJ is the GOAT…DrJ because MJ became much better than him and GP because he could not guard him….
    That happens when you put your ego above reality


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