Joss Whedon Officially DONE with MARVEL!

Joss Whedon speaks out about leaving Marvel, plus some Civil War teases and awesome Star Wars parody twitter accounts!

Ant-Man/Hawkeye Team-up:
Very Lonely Luke Skywalker:
Joss Whedon is officially done with Marvel:

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Comment (459)

  1. Wait, is Joss Whedon stepping away from Agents of Shield as well? That will probably make me sad. But I mean, maybe we could have a buffy reboot please for the love of god.

  2. Well, as much as I respect Joss Whedon, he did make awfully mediocre Marvel movies… Just as a side note – can somebody explain to me why The Avengers got so much love (especially the first one)? Because I can sum up the first Avengers like that – "second-grade super heroes form a group with Iron Man, Loki is all evil and shit, Iron Man repairs a ship, they fight some aliens, they win, "woohoo!", the end! "

  3. I would love to have Firefly back, but time has made the whole dream of it moot. I'm fine if we never have it again, but I will always weep for the days where it could have been a long lasting series

  4. GODDAMNIT SAM!!! YOU TAKE THAT BACK!!! BRING BACK FIREFLY!! lol It is really disappointing that a bunch of PC Police drove Joss away from the MCU. Some people are just a bunch of whiny bitches.

  5. I'd love Whedon to team up with Ron Moore and work on a series which would be like underwater Star Trek/Battlestar Galactica with as much heart and lovable characters as Firefly had.


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