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Aplastic anemia occurs when your bone marrow doesn’t make enough red and white blood cells, and platelets. The body’s immune system is confused and begin to attack these critical performing cells. Learn more about aplastic anemia at:,p00075/

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  1. My mother has this disease and it's horrible. She is going to get treatment very soon, maybe next week and I hope and pray that it works as it's supposed to as explained in this video. Very good vid.

  2. @kimfeilgood Yeah, I think my bone marrow was damaged from exposure to Toulene and Xylene when I was painting my car. Have had low red and white blood cells for a long time.

  3. Sir,

    An 8 years old child Owais Khan is suffering from Severe Aplastic Anemia in NIBD karachi, His Plateltes are lowered to alarming 9000/ only.Doctors say his cure would cast 1800000 Rs (1$= 84 Rupees). His father is mere teacher in local college and earns no more 18000 Rs monthly. He can't afford such an expensive cure. No If there is any God-Fearing rich person who can contribute in cure it would save the life of intelligent and beautiful boy.

    His fathers contact

  4. my younger is diagnosed with this disease. from month of April up to this august of this year, we brought him to the hospital. monthly, he is attacked. please tell me what are the best drug for his medication.

  5. my brother was diagnosed during the end of summer and got his bone marrow transplany. he has not shown signs of improvment but if you want to see some clips of what we have gone through, look at my channel and see a smaaall bit of what weve had to live with for what seems like an eternity. this is a good video describing the main points of aplastic anemia. so thank you for that.

  6. the Stem cells may first be antigenically altered by exposure to drugs, infectious agents, or other unidentified environmental insults. The stem cell then express new antigen which provokes a cellular immune response, during which activated TH1 cells (lymphocytes) produce cytokines such as interferon-γ (IFNγ) and TNF that suppress and kill hematopoietic progenitors(stem cells).

  7. There are so many natural ways to cure cancer!
    I also like Suzanne Clegg's energy medicine approach at Spiritgate(dot)com.
    She cures people without chemo or radiation.

  8. i went through this and it is very hard. i was in the hospital for six weeks and recieved a bone marrow transplant from my brother and today a half year later im still alive and i am very greatful

  9. I wad only 5 when I had it know im 10 I know how I got it when I coffed up bload until I met my doner mark randomly all the medication they gave me failed when they first gave it to me then I merocosly I made it and this helped why I had to have part of my vains removed

  10. I recently got diagnosed with aplastic anemia and it's been a hard time just learning to manage my delayed brain activity (or so it seems from my perspective, as well as friends who keep commenting how illogical I am being). Are there easy exercises I can do to keep neurons moving while circulation is low?

  11. 5 months ago i was diagnosed with severe plastic anemia . 2 Months ago we started the ATG and it sucks. I am now taking cyclosporine. My blood cells began to go up but now stopped . Life sucks

  12. well but hey I could have died because my hemoglobin was 4 when we went for a appointment they immediately sent me to emergency room … but I'm still here fighting. I just hope it doesn't relapse as a leukemia

  13. My Dad went thru a treatment where he got horses' antibodies, he takes medication every day he has been able to live almost a normal life so far.
    I just hope someone finds a cause for this rare illness.

  14. My father also recovered after 4 months eating the concoction that was sent by Dr. Eliza.
    Hopefully Dr. Eliza can also help others to be able to recover from this disease amen … And hopefully Dr. Eliza is always healthy so that she can help heal people who suffer from aplastic amnesty which is actually hard to heal. But for the power of God through his concoction medicine healed …
    Make friends who also want and interest in trying with him just contact him. This is his washtapp 0822-9498-9494 Indonesia

  15. I was extremely pale, very bad concentration, I always chew on random things and my breathing gets crazy sometimes, I never knew what to do? Some colleague suggested to try an Ayurvedic.way and made me land at #planetayurveda and I received an Anemia Care Pack and certain diet plans that I followed precisely. I came out with flying colors, WOW!

  16. Video was easy to understand and scary. My husband was diagnosed in August 2018 with ITP , MDS-RS-MLD , and then AA. His blood counts are all very low. At 65 and with kidney disease I don't believe he would be a transplant candidate.

  17. Are you tell that how to cure Aplastic Anemia without surgery.
    Because Surgery charge is very high.
    my younger brother is facing with this when he was of 8 year old
    And now he is 13 year old .
    But we haven't much money for surgery .
    So plz tell me are any things are possible for curing .
    Other than allopathy example
    Homeopathy, ayurveda etc

  18. Anemia is a very serious condition and my friend suffered from anemia. She was on medication since long but had no relief. Then she tried "Anemia Care Pack" that is an Ayurvedic treatment for anemia. This care pack is offered by "Planet Ayurveda". This really worked on anemia and my friend is now fit and fine.

  19. I was diagnosed with Pure Red Cell Aplasia in April 1994 which in turn changed to Aplastic Anemia just a few short months later. When I turned 16 in Dec 1993, I had begun feeling sick then but I ignored it for a little while. I was sleeping 12 hours a day; I weighed only 107 lbs; I’d lost the color in my skin so much so that no one could tell my lips from the rest of my skin; I could not walk from one end of the hall at school to the other without having severe heart palpitations. They were so bad I could hear my heartbeat in my head and it was so loud I had a headache nearly all the time. Under my fingernails and inside my bottom eyelids were white instead of pink. Finally one day in early April 1994 I told my mama I knew something was wrong and I was ready to go to our family dr ASAP because I was just getting worse and I was a scared 16 year old girl as you can imagine. For those of you familiar with levels in our blood called H & H, at that initial dr visit my hematocrit was 10 (normal is around 38-42 along those lines) and my Hemoglobin was just as low. The nurse came to me shocked and said to my mama “I can’t believe your daughter isn’t dead right now!” They had me see an oncologist 2 days later where we spent 3 hours in his office having blood drawn and waiting on all those results to come back. Once they came back and the dr explained to me what was wrong, he did a bone marrow biopsy and sent me straight to the hospital to have further testing done and 3 units of blood. I stayed there a few days. When I got out I felt so good I went straight to school from the hospital! However, that was not the end of it by far. I received blood transfusions at least once per month. We tried a few different trial treatments, one of which was a horse serum but it was unsuccessful. I was given high doses of prednisone, the oral chemo pill Cytoxin, iron pills and several others. Over time I had to add blood pressure medication to my daily cocktail, fluid pills as I gained from 107 beginning in April ‘94 to 180 by early August the same year. No one knew who I was when I went back to school that fall for my junior year besides a few close friends who saw me throughout that prior summer. I was given Immunoglobulin that was also unsuccessful along with another treatment that I do not know the name of A Home Health nurse came to my house once a day for a week to administer the treatment and watch me throughout each day while I was receiving the IV Med. I was sent to another dr, a cancer dr, who over the next two years did two more bone marrow biopsies on me and checked my retic count at each monthly visit. Idk the number for a normal retic count but mine was always zero or barely above it. The retic count, according to my two doctors at the time, just tells you whether your bone marrow is producing RBC or not. Around early 1995 I was placed on the National Bone Marrow list for a transplant. No family members matched and I never had any luck on the registry for a donor. In the mean time, my cancer dr found Cyclosporine and put me on it along with Nizoral. The Nizoral was suppose to make it seem like I was taking more Cyclosporine than I really was basically. It was like a booster but unfortunately I developed a severe allergy to it so bad that it caused Hepatitis. Once I was off that Med, the Hepatitis went away but I still continued the Cyclosporine. By early 1996 I was on the mend and was having fewer and fewer transfusions and was officially called in remission by end of that same year. My doctors believed the cause of my Aplastic Anemia was from the birth control shot called Depo Vera (spell check there). Early on, I was taken off the shot and advised to start taking birth control pills in order to protect my ovaries from all the harsh treatments I’d been through. My Anemia came out of remission with both of my pregnancies, in 2000 and again in 2003. My dr wanted to put me back on the Cyclosporine both tunes and I said no because I’d planned on breast feeding. I never had to have another blood transfusion again after each of my babies are delivered. My body automatically went back into remission. I am now 42 and still in remission all thanks to God. Don’t ever give up looking for treatments and cures for this disease! 16 years later I’m still doin great!

  20. I have aplastic Anemia but luckily for me it was discovered very early. I had problems with platelets and hemoglobin. Platelets were usually around 5 and hemoglobin was usually around 7.5. I am going to have a bone marrow transplant next month.

  21. I had this once in my life I had blood transfusions, Horse Anti-Thymocyte Globulin and Cyclosporine. I had it for 2 years I was cured in 2018 but I STILL DON'T TRUST MY IMMUNE SYSTEM

  22. I was suffering from the same. I tried many allopathic medicines and treatments but not cure. Then I visited planet Ayurveda and after consultation with their expert doctors and with the help of their medication, I got well.

  23. I had a plastic anaemia in 2009 I was lucky enough to have a Donor come forward with 100% match I’m happy to say I’m fully recovered even though I had to have both my hips replaced because they give me too much steroid. Reason for me getting it was the fact that I was a heavy drug user. My haematology doctor told me it may have something to do with benzene which I believe is sometimes used in cocaine.I should be on an anti-drug poster. Don’t use drugs kids!


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