Joe on Elon Musk Being on the Board at Twitter

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  1. Free speech doesn't mean you're allowed to incite a riot and get away with it.
    2) free speech is only guaranteed by the government. You don't have the right to come in my house and chat ***t. Nor can you go on someone's private servers spread hate and violence. Joe Rogan even recognised that the crappy people who twitter banned were toxic on small platforms but he still doesn't think Twitter should ban them.. It's because he has an unyielding ideological bias towards a constitutional amendment written two centuries before twitter. If the founding fathers had twitter they would have added an amendment to allow twitter to ban jerks like Trump

  2. The big issue with editing tweets, and this is outrageous, “you” could retweet my wholesome tweet and then I could change it to something horribly racists.. actually sorta the same issue with news articles doing ghost edits (I HATE those!)

  3. For Elon, it's about 9% about free speech and 89% about Dogecoin 😉
    That's why I continued to buy Doge… never bet against Elon Musk no matter the absurdity

  4. The fine for not disclosing the purchase is $150,000. Elon made $156 million in 48 hours when the stock rallied from it's low point. It's not a fine, it's a fee.

  5. The left wing fascist token wokies and the miserable and sinister 3% of Society (that gets 90% of media attention?) are screaming and crying out loud! on this one.😆👍
    Wonderful news. The Sun came out.

  6. Jamie, as he often does, says things in a rush to act as if he knows everything about everything. Musk has to make disclosures because he is part of the executive team of TSLA.and probably on the boards of other publicly traded companies. .

  7. How convenient that everything Joe said in the last 40 seconds of this happens to conservatives on Twitter and Trump.

    Which tells us that he absolutely was taking to some lefty about Gab

  8. OK Joe, I got banned from twitter for tweeting Jimmy Kimmel to ask his wife for his balls back, Chrissy Teigan "Chrissy what do you think? said no one ever." and Chelea Handler "said the woman who got famous by getting her tits out on a prank show"

  9. the options aren't just ban or not ban. we have ratings for all other media, why can't tweets and other posts considered problematic be moved into an unrestricted section that people can choose to receive from or not?

  10. They didn't talk about musk can't be on the board of Twitter and have majority ownership. He can't male changes till at least 2024. So he won't be making changes anytime soon

  11. It is not a minor thing. the price jumped 27% on the day. He would have had to pay a lot more to get this amount of shares, just imagine if you sold Twitter shares on Friday… You lost out on a 27% price hike and I guess most people would say that that is not a happy thing to wake up to on Monday morning to say the least. It is likely that Musk will end up with a serious fine for this mess.

    The issue is not so much that Twitter blocks people the issue is that Twitter blocks opinions and idea that they do not agree with. Toxic people are toxic and should be banned on any platform. It is the situation where someone that posts a link to a news article that does not align with the Twitter ideology (Hunter Biden laptop story) get banned for posting a linkt to information Twitter has forbidden. There is a difference between free speech and the right to terrorize people.

    Can I make a joke and say that you mama is so fat… sure. Can I tell you your mama is fat and call her names or tell you that you should feel terrible about your life because your mother is fat, no. This is something that free speech does not cover as there are laws protecting people from harassments which this would clearly fall under. The big issue with the US is that free speech seems to have gotten to the point where all other laws are thrown out of the window in favor of this idea that one can say anything one wants at anytime without having to adhere to basic social norms.
    Now don't get me wrong I am not saying feelings are the reason that you cannot say certain things but clearly and obviously insulting people and calling them names for instance is not something any social platform should want or allow.

    As for how much power does a 9.2% shareholder have, it really depends on how much power the company is going to give him. As a board member I have a feeling Mr. Musk is not going to accept a check for his services and rubberstamp the CEO's new bonus package as his max effort for that check. It is telling though that Twitter made him a board member, this prevents him from buying the company outright and reigns in some of his power because of this. On other other hand he is a board member for 2 years, which could be an do as I say or else kind of clause but we will have to wait and see.

    As a board member what I suspect Mr. Musk will be doing is pointing out that alienating ~50% of your target audience is not a healthy business practice. And there is an awfully large group on the center and right side of the political spectrum that sees Twitter as a leftist echo chamber that will not tolerate anything other than extreme leftist ideas and ideology. Just think about how much more valuable Twitter could be if those people joined the platform. Something along these lines is what I suspect Mr. Musk will bring up during the next board meeting, asking the question if Twitter should be policing idea's and opinions or should allow people of all political persuasions to use its platform without having to hide or betray their political opinions.

  12. Isn’t it funny how Musk is exposed for an infraction and not try to get out of it and he’ll pay the fine right? But then we have people like the Bidens and Clintons who are guilty of WAY more and ZERO accountability.

  13. first thing imo elon should work on is depriving the current CEO Parag Agrawal of some of the responsibilities, cause he is worse than dorsey. Second , i hope elon knows the amount of pron this site has and needs to do something abt it. in some cases ch*ld pron

  14. Everyone knows that they are running Twitter extreamly one sided. That's why EVERYONE, left right center are asking questions about how much power 9% has.. if they were down the middle no one would care. It would be mundane.

  15. There’s this feature if your sick of toxic peoples 💩… it’s called a “block” button. You really sure it’s a good idea to claim terms of service agreement overrides the 1st amendment on clearly what is basically a public service/forum parading around as a publicly traded company? It’s a matter of time that doing so will be a company’s undoing. Just wait and see…

  16. Rogan never answered the what was musks motivation to buy 10% of Twitter. The answer is money. If someone can get the lefty social media giants to stop the propaganda and censoring there is a shit ton of money to be made.

  17. Listen, they hate Elon because he’s a conservative and he’s bringing free speech to twitter . Trump is coming back:) Elon knows they’re trynna cancel him. Twitter employees are pissed

  18. so…….if he told pple…..thatd be insider trading……which is 100000x worze tgan the 400k penalty he got bc he bought a shareholder majority in stock

  19. Joe’s 100% correct in that there are those who when kicked off of major SM platforms are amazingly volatile on others – like Gab, MeWe, etc. I see some stuff on those that truly make me think, “Jesus, no wonder people think conservatives are batshit crazy.”

  20. It's not because they didn't like the things Trump was saying, it's that the shit that Trump was saying was detrimental to democracy and getting people hurt. Why lie like that Joe?

  21. I didn’t even care to get on Twitter ‘till maybe 2 months ago when I was curious as to how it even worked. From my experience it’s been great. I get to chat with some of my favorite artists and they actually talk back. I’m sure that’s possible cause I remember when a huge % of the country said they were gonna delete their Twitter and did. I appreciate all of yall or I wouldn’t of been able to talk to these musicians.

  22. Honestly what scares me the most is good people not voicing they’re opinions,etc. Worse is that they’re afraid to step up and help another person from fear of backlash.

  23. Being rude or indecent is where one draws the line. It ain't an invisible line either. 'Being offensive' with your opinions ain't the yardstick. As Ricky Gervais said, 'you are offended does not mean you are right'.

  24. Mr.joe rogan please find us a solution for our problem since u started downloading ur podcast in Spotify we in the Middle East can't see it any more please do something about it

  25. All social media is insidious. This tech was not created to "bring the world together." That's the line many of the tech company founders like to spew when talking about their company. It's BS. We all know now why these companies were actually created. To control and to monitor. Also to make $ off of us.

  26. So Nancy Pelosi husband can make millions off of stock purchases when the government makes a decision but Elon Musk is under investigation…. The corruption is so blatant

  27. Twitter banned Trump b/c he tried to overturn an election, which is more or less treason, a totally legit reason to ban someone. There was no election fraud, 60+ GOP lawsuits failed to produce any evidence of such, and even Trump’s own Attorney General Bill Barr said there was no evidence. Trump and his supporters are just believing what they want to believe, rather than because it’s true. But Twitter was right to ban him for that.

  28. Nacny Pelosi, and all other politicians do this shit all the time, and do insider trading all the time.
    Yet nothing happens to any of them.
    Free Speech should still be free, your feeling shouldn't matter, for you freedom of speech.

  29. I am sure there are plenty of people with toxic views, but isn't the point you must let them share them, air them and they then get what they deserve from the rest of us. Censorship is the problem, there is always more than 1 point of view to a story and unless you air them your opinion will always be skewed and biased.

  30. God, the musk stans in the comments are insufferable. He's just as bad as the rest of them. He's only going to use this to distort the image of tesla people get on the platform. Most people get their news from twitter or other social media. This whole thing is retarded.

  31. Joe. Homie.

    If you're going to be outspoken about disliking something (like Twitter bans), but then you go on to describe how shitty the opposing force is (like the toxic banned trolls), maybe you would gain deeper insight by not being so quick to make slippery-slope arguments. Maybe there's more to the story. Maybe there's gray area.

    What options did Twitter have? What solution do you think would help enforce a bottom threshold to toxicity and misinformation, besides banning people? Take yourself through their (Twitter's) though process. Don't judge the decision without shedding the process. It's just an ignorant thing to do.

  32. So funny, i actually bought 3 shares of Twitter a month ago. I'm not a huge fan but I believe it's still undervalued. I like Dorsey and i think he is doing a good job over there. Im also not a huge fan of Elon but I'm excited about him coming on board. I'm going to start going in deeper on Twitter for the long run

  33. John 6:47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life."-Jesus. John 3:36 “He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life".

  34. i still can’t believe he calls himself elons friend and never saw the rocket landed itself until elon was on his show, literally an amazing feat for elon and joes just like “sO hOw doEs iT LaND itSelF???”

  35. People need to stop looking at Trump as someone who just “said things other people didnt like”. That is a total oversimplification of why people hate him and why he’s dealt with the way he is.

  36. Elon is a con man. He made his money on paypal, then cars, then whatever. He's just an excellent business man, he's not an inventor. He's not Tesla. Stop idealising these rich sleezebags. We used to revere writers, painters, now these as*holes?

  37. Trump wasn't banned for saying things people didn't like though. He was banned for spreading huge amounts of misinformation and lies to the detriment of US society as a whole, especially regarding the election.

  38. He has to disclose to the SEC, not every individual person who might see his disclosure wherever he decides to disclose his disclosings. If he tried his very best maybe .01% of humans would know he bought a chunk of Twitter

  39. He did it to make a point. The SEC refuses to acknowledge short selling even when it is egregiously visible. But Elon does this and all of a sudden the SEC is awake to do their job.

  40. Maybe he can help with the blatant racism against whites which Twitter allows..all you have to do is search ” I hate white ppl” and thousands of hatful tweets similar stuff against whites..Twitter is cancer run by the left

  41. The problem with a good free speech app is the trolls who are against free speech can ruin the apps with toxicity pretending to be free speechers


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