Jo Koy Stand-Up

Jo Koy tells jokes about turning into a jealous girlfriend when his teenage son won’t hang out with him.

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Jo Koy Stand-Up

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Comment (484)

  1. I can relate; My teen-age daughter doesn't want to be with me all the time. That is why I cuddle and play with my two little ones right now while they still want to hang out with me 🙂

  2. I think females are different because I’m almost 19 and im still like if my mom said she was making cookies and had cold milk for me I would be like 😍😍

  3. he feels uncomfortable because he needs to mind each word he says on tv. unlike at his live shows, where he goes all the way. check his shows at Netflix. you'll see what i mean. 🙂

  4. I DEMAND that you guys get your ISH straight and get this guys name correct. Mr superstar Jimmy Pallon. This is JOSEP. You got pive business days mister Pallon. Count it. 1, 2, 3, Pore, Pive, to change the name or else I’m sending JOSEP’S mom to the Pucking studio to deal with you. And ip you don’t Meester Pallon, pire will pall down prom the sky and burn EPRYTHING. Yes Mr Pallon, just like Katy Perry said. Baby I’m a pirework! P I V E D A Y S

  5. Overly proud filipinos love to introduce theirselves it's so annoying for a 3rd world slum poor country to always do so like "proud filipino here" "who's filipino here?" "like if ur filipino" the f

  6. Just like my son,14 y.o. he doesn’t want to go out with me anymore. For months that I didn’t go anywhere without him, until one day, I built up a courage. I had to accept the reality. Many times I turned around in my subdivision to get back home. I felt the emptiness, & sadness inside. I cried, yes! I was a staying home mom for over 10 years. My husband was or still in the medical field so I took care of my son since birth. This is a Filipino culture, we put our heart & soul to our kids, hard to let go of them even when they’re grown ups.

  7. Great video! My wife and I actually interviewed Jo Koy on our podcast recently! We are regular people that are trying to build something and we were handing out fliers for our podcast in the parking lot of his show and we got a chance to meet him. We talked to Jo about how our flyer got him to do our show and how he landed the tonight show. He is such a great and humble guy!

  8. Filipino pride intensifies as the overly proud filipinos annoyingly introducing themselves in 3..2..1.. As the overly proud filipinos are thirsty for a global validation.

  9. For anybody who doesn’t know, at his latest show at the Santa Barbara Bowl, he spoke about why he didn’t use his old jokes on Jimmy Fallon along with the stuff about his mom and the impression of her. Basically The Tonight Show was blatantly racist and said to not use the Filipino accent and do the other jokes about it because it might offend people even though that’s his own ethnicity and there has been plenty of comedians to come on Jimmy’s show and talk about stereotypes so if you felt like the comedy was a bit dry and/or not the normal Jo Koy (Jo Ko) then now u know why.


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