Jimmy Carr Reveals That He DID Sing On Ed Sheeran’s New Album | The Russell Howard Hour

From The Russell Howard Hour, Russell chats to British comedy legend Jimmy Carr about his new book, becoming a father, and how he managed to feature in Ed Sheeran’s new album…

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Comment (65)

  1. I don't dislike Jimmy but he's never been my favorite, he comes across really well in this interview though, I'm hoping his later career is more like this

  2. "You're like a greek elder except without the sodomy…. it's kind of nice and deep.' Are you sure it doesn't even have just a little bit of sodomy …IN there.

    pretty deep about the brutal dick jokes. Still kind of cocky. Not trying to be a wanker. I am sure Mr. Carr has that well in hand.

    Still thanks Mr Carr for my doses of laughter that stymied my pain.

  3. This was such a lovely 'interview', I'm putting interview in quotation marks because it doesn't feel like that at all, it just feels like two friends chatting and making jokes. Awesome video 😀

  4. Man jimmy must of been on a rollercoaster of emotions through lockdown loosing one if his closest friends and havinng a child and he still looks tip top bravo is all i can say and rip sean you were one of the best

  5. Jimmy said he was in a puddle over ed song I was the same of this interview I'm a mum with narcolepsy & cataplexy they tryed CBT for he told how to deal stress but told him the worst for me was happyness & laughter he said he could not advise not that as in general it's unheard-of a issue it hard as we try not do things that make us happy as it will start it but we are not robots we have emotions or a HALF-LIFE (P.S I also have disabled son that's a scientist he looks like Stephen Hawking & Eddie redmayne ) could not watch the film for years the scene where he falls makes cry as just like son ( until he asked to watch it with me ) amazing film ( both my parents died this year in January a couple of days apart)

  6. Jimmy gets unnecessary flack from people who get easily offended and still insist on watching his live shows. Like a lot of comedians for sure. I’m glad he hasn’t bowed to pressure and conformed.

  7. I recently listened to the book, it's fantastic. Very funny, insightful and some great advice in there too. He is genuinely a smart, lovely man. His on-stage persona is just that, a persona. I love how you can see him say 'Thanks mate' to Russel at the end, like it's more important to him to tha k his friend for saying nice things about his book than to bask in the applause.


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