Jeremy Renner and His Avengers Co-Stars Have an Epic Group Text

Jeremy Renner explains how he and the original six Avengers stars designed a custom tattoo together, and, yes, they do have an epic group chat.

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Jeremy Renner and His Avengers Co-Stars Got Matching Tattoos

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Comment (531)

  1. Avengers group text
    Ironman: can one of you pick me up, I’m stuck on Titan
    Cap: fuck off
    Hawkeye: I don’t have any powers
    Black widow: ^what he said
    Thor: im hanging out with my friend rabbit
    Banner: the big guy isn’t coming out

  2. Hey Jimmy, could you shut the fuck up for once and let people tell their stories without interrupting and talking over them? Every. Fucking. Interview.

  3. It seems like the design and decoration of the show set predictes the time when through whatever reason humans will suddenly gonna disappear from earth and left everything hollow and then after a few such time new york city became a deep forest as the long trees grow on the buildings and dinosaurs will resurrects once again to rule earth!!!

  4. That group chat really made me crave for a TV series of the avengers’ normal life in the avengers tower…. everyone baby sitting peter p and shuri, vision over spicing every damn thing with paprika, Thor and Loki randomly stabbing each other, hulk and tony aka science Bros working together with peter p asking help with homework, Clint and Natasha sparring, cap bucky Sam just chillin over coffee, strange carol Wanda and Scott compete who’s the more powerful magician with scotts Daughter + Clint’s kids (possibly Tony’s kids) as judges etc I WOULD WATCH THE FUCK OUTTA THIS TV SHOW MAN

  5. I would love it if they stuck together as close friends for the rest of their lives, keeping the Avengers group text and all, without ever sharing any of it to anyone because, well, they're the Avengers.:D

  6. Dear Marvel:

    Please show these group texts. We don't care if it is one of the guys spamming the same sentence over and over again, we just really want to see it.

    Sincerely, literally ever fucking MCU fan.

  7. Marvel movies are the only reason I joined the Disney Movie Club. And after today, it'll likely be the reason I cancel. Can't wait for them to Get Woke and Go Broke. Let's get all these toxic males out of movies! …and ticket buyers out of theaters.

  8. Why are people (or Jimmy Fallon perhaps) so surprised about group chats of people who literally worked for a long time? 🤣 I mean, group chats are already being created by people who’d work for a week. 🤷‍♀️😂

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  10. Anyone else just paused to see each original's part in the tattoo, but found absolutely nothing except Hawkeye's arrow and Cap's sheild??

    If anyone found anything, else escpcislly the Back Widow hourglass, please tell me.


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