JEON SOMI(전소미) – XOXO @인기가요 inkigayo 20211121

JEON SOMI – XOXO #SBSInkigayo_EP1117

SBS Inkigayo(인기가요) is a Korean music program broadcast by SBS.

The show features some of K-pop artists’ performance every Sunday.
Check out this week’s Inkigayo Line up and meet your favorite artist!

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  1. i’m gonna miss XOXO era so bad and sad that we didn’t get to help her win. Promise we’ll give this to her next time! It’s been almost a month and I still can’t get enough of this song 🥺

  2. I was playing this without the volume and a friend though she was Britney Spears i can kinda see it now…and its hard not too unseen i think her album is very 90s pop

  3. Siento que ahora los coreanos le toman atención a Somi por su cuerpo no por su talento ella debutó en el 2019 como solista y ahora recién le toman atención y las premia iones también?? Que mal que ellos necesitan que muestren suc uerpo para recién importarles, ven que dicen "reloj e arena" o"su cara es pequeña*osea sie lla es alta diosa pero es lo unico que tienen que decir?? Como uisiera que estuviéramos ahí yd ecirle que su talento es increíble no solo alagarla por su cuerpo
    Porque creen que cada vez que hay un comeback los idols bajan de peso?!

  4. I hope I’m not right but I feel she doesn’t win because she’s mixed and not full Korean; same thing they did to Lisa for not being Korean. The culture really pushes only for pure Korean artists. It’s so sad because they have so many artists who are very talented and are not full Korean or Korean. We love you Somi

  5. Tbh somi is the only idol that I watch literally every stages and performances of her songs. The clothes are so cool and the vibes she gives on every performances are just so refreshing.


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