Jennette McCurdy shares the stories behind memoir “I’m Glad My Mom Died”

Former Nickelodeon child star Jennette McCurdy speaks about her traumatic relationship with her mother, struggle with anorexia and her decision to quit acting in her memoir “I’m Glad My Mom Died.”



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  1. I always watched iCarly as soon as I got home from school. I would eat a huge bowl of cinnamon toast crunch and unwind from a shitty day at school. Also, I have a huge crush on her, yet I had no idea her life was so troubled and difficult 🙁 All I can think to say now is thank you. Thank you for the wonderful memories. I was bullied to the point of contemplating suicide, but then I would watch iCarly and all the pain would fade away for a little bit. Jennette, you're amazing. I know I am just some random schmuck online, but you and Miranda were a huge part of getting me through middle school and high school. I am also 30 now having mostly survived a massive meth/heroin addiction. I understand what it's like to struggle with yourself on the inside. This was extremely motivating to see. I am so glad you're okay!

  2. Great intereview! Jennette you go on Girl, I had the mother too touchy inappropriate…Bravo to living your own life. Really happy and of course the brave unworn path. I understand Sweetie. And, it IS a path of integrity 🦋💜

  3. So she’s constantly made bad decisions, was an alcoholic, toxic etc. Did some therapy in the last couple of years and she comes here as a healed soul with introspection? And her solution is blame everyone but me and we all eat it up.

    Her mother is not here to defend herself.

    She’s ridiculous, we need to stop giving these people a platform.

  4. And this woman is not here to defend these allegations! Shame on her. Awful, spoiled, entitled. you were in charge of what you put in your mouth. to write tho tell all when she can't defend herself makes you worse than those you defame.

  5. I really adored Jennette's book. It was raw and vulnerable, I read it in a day. The thing that currently worries me is her ED recovery. Seeing her in this video, Instagram posts, etc, has me worried that she is not taking care of herself. She has purple/blue rings around her eyes, her face is sunken in, you can see her bones and the consequent deterioration of her body. I'm worried that the trauma of even writing her book has placed her in a mindset of relapse. I really hope she's okay and is taking care of herself. She deserves nothing but the world and then some.

  6. Wow. How is it legal for Hollywood to keep abusing children and even adult actors?! It’s such an evil industry and we all just accept it and look away from it. It’s hideous. I’m so glad she’s in a healthy place now, what an incredible person.

  7. The title struck me. My mom is dying of cancer. It's why I'm here. I feel for her. As a mom, you should protect your child. Poor thing. 💔 I might order the book after all.

  8. Nickelodeon REALLY offered $300,000 as hush money to never talk about Dan Schneider and the things he's doesn't behind the scenes. After all the horror stories that have come out around him how is this man not in jail yet? 🤮

  9. I understand how you feel about your Mother. I grew up in 6 different foster residences, the last one was a good HOME. But with years of estrangement, I mourned the loss of quality time with my birth mother. I forgave her b4 she died in 2007, but I was oddly relieved when she was GONE, as I knew she'd never be able to abuse me again. I still struggle with PTSD, and Ghost Voices cackling.
    I'm glad you healed and are choosing your own path!! Bless you and your journey!! I'm a 3 time cancer survivor and survivor of child abuse, but the Strength to Endure the tempests is also the Strength to keep me Going, to fill my creative dreams!!! 🤗❤

  10. I had to pause the video when she started talking about how she came to have bulimia. That hits you kinda hard, the feeling of fullness after not being able to eat or unwillingness to eat is actually the worst. Sometimes you don't even have to force yourself to vomit, the purging just forces itself out. I feel terrible that she had to go through that (and everything else don't get me wrong)

  11. Child stars usually have a bad ending. They completely miss their childhood and support their families! I personally know a child star from the 70s 80s and drugs were everywhere for him and his older actors . It messed him up. He lost his career by the 90s and has been battling drugs and living a hard poor lifestyle. Must be a better way to protect them against the bad stuff. Make sure they get free time to be with friends. Serious issue.

  12. Wow I understand where your coming from. My mom pushed me into something I know I wouldn't become. She wanted me to be a hairdresser instead I was studying to be an esthetician. I dropped out. I didn't want to do nails and feet. I was not so great at it. I also suffered with an eating disorder too. My mom was worried that I would waste away. I had the opposite problem. I got cancer of the uterus and couldn't have kids. I really get a lot of what your saying. I am sorry for what happened to you and your mom.

  13. 4:14 can 100% feel that out of body moment, when i was being r/worded it was like i was in third person. I was in the corner of my room watching it happen. Its terrifying. All i can see now even still is from that third person view when i think about it. I never see it from first person. I blocked that out so much i forgot about it entirely.

  14. I always used to complain that there weren't enough seasons of "Sam and cat", never again will that be the case. I grew up on "iCarly", now that I know the truth, just breaks my heart hearing about all that she went through 😔

  15. Yet everyone commenting still follow is all these family bloggers exploring their babies and toddlers while making them millions and those kids will never see a cent. Instagram influencers and you tube families are even more toxic than celebrities. Wait for years down the line they will all be coming out too.

  16. My mom would tell me i needed contacts and that glasses were ugly, she washed my hair in the kitchen sink with dish soap because she thought it was too oily. Told me i wore too much black and my closet was depressing. She forced me to get curly perms i didnt want which burned my scalp every time, she sometimes forcibly brushed my teeth. She once pulled my tooth with pliers because she was tired of watching me play with my loose tooth.

  17. I had always wondered why she's not on Television anymore, but I now understand why she doesn't aim to be on TV. Not knowing about this stuff until now is just mind boggling. I hope she's doing much better now than she did before. She deserves it.

  18. I love this. I relate, completely. My mother and yours are alike. Abuse is never acceptable. You did not deserve any of that. I wish you happiness. And I sincerely give a F&^% off to your mom, as well as mine.

  19. I'm almost finished Jenette's book, "I'm glad my mother died" and at times it was difficult to read everything she was put through. I hope her book nets her more than Nikelodeon's 300,000 hush money she deserves every penny and more. I admire her integrity and strength.

  20. 😢😢your mum was thinking 🤔 you was sexually groomed by the producers & was looking at your virginity or scars 😂 mum was worried 😦 so understand that OK 👍🏾 SILLY GIRL 👧 all that STARDOM 💫 LEADS to SEXUAL ABUSE by directors

  21. Acting was the one good thing that came from her bad relationship with her mother.

    She’s a good actress I don’t think she should give it up.
    Acting wasn’t her idea but it turns out that she’s good at it. And the bonus is that it is a good paying career path and she has lots of fans that love her.
    Even bad people have good ideas once in awhile. even a broken clock is right at least once a day.

  22. Her mom put her in child acting and now she is rich and is basically retired in her 30s. She can quit complaining, especially when most people do hard labor and are forced to work well into their 60s and 70s. She is just another Hollywood brat that is extremely ungrateful for the life of luxury she has been given from a job litterally playing make-believe.

  23. Excellent book by a victim of hollywood. It won't matter, the money is way too powerfull and is what drives everything. But it's was an excellent book.


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