Jeepers Creepers 2

Straightforward, Flesh-Crawling Horror…” ( When their bus is crippled on the side of a deserted road, a team of high school athletes discover an opponent they cannot defeat…and may not survive. Staring hungrily at them through the school bus windows, the “Creeper” returns again and again. But when the teammates discover that it’s selective about whom it attacks, it will test their ability to stick together – as the insatiable menace tries to tear them apart! This chilling sequel to the hit film “Jeepers Creepers” stars Ray Wise, Eric Nenninger, Nicki Aycox and Jonathan Breck, returning as The Creeper.

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  1. Whenever Hollywood makes movies, it's about using your imagination because it's not reality it's make believe. If you ask me, calling the cops wouldn't do you no good. Police never last in horror movies.

  2. The director Victor Salva did 1 n 3 too he got caught up molesting a teen boy n his 1st movie called clownhouse n 89 he molested the lead kid n seeing jeepers creepers with the creep chasing teens n sniffing underwear really gives u a feel that the director didn't learn his lesson he did like 9 months n they let him still make movies Hollywood full of sickos

  3. Something I noticed about the bus scene that nobody ever talks about is the creeper picks apart the adults 1st not just to get rid of their security and limit the playing field build but also it increases their fear and makes them more in line for the creeper to eat

  4. This man's over here waiting for 23 years.

    I would've run it through a wood chipper, burnt the remains, dropped it's ashes to the bottom of the ocean and painted the barn with it's blood.

  5. I find the ending of Jeepers Creepers 3 very lazy …they show us the kid getting on the bus between 1 and 2 but in Jeepers Creepers 2 they never once showed us the kid and he never said “ I totally remembered this thing stalking us and me and my family took it down supposedly “ also btw the dad in this movie looks like the guy who took Walt to New Hampshire in Breaking Bad 😂

  6. Scared tf outta me when I was 5 😂 I watched it with my older brother in our mom's room, gets me every time. Love this movie so much man, mainly that childhood memory and the fear that came with it but I couldn't look away 💯

  7. Fyi the creeper creator turned out to be a creeper in real life 💯 Victor Salva – director of the Jeepers Creepers franchise – was sentenced to three years in prison in 1988 for abusing the 12-year-old child star of his film Clownhouse at the age of 30 as well as filming the molestation and possession of child pornography.

  8. I said this before in a other video but anyway thinking about it the creeper smells our fear and being terrified especially in a situation like this causes so much adrenaline,I believe the creeper is sniffing out adrenochrome in his victims

  9. I noticed that in all the jeepers creepers horror movies, he was sniffing out only men. Yes he did kill some of the women, but he was most aggressive towards the men. Could anyone explain why is that?

  10. I noticed how keepers creepers looked at the boys that was on the bus..he looked like he wanted to fuc- I mean uh he wanted to hug them yea uh…- drops phone😳

  11. Great movie I swear as far as horror movie monsters The Creeper is underrated he deserves as much attention as the classics Freddy Krueger, Jason, Michael Myers, etc.

  12. omg freaking classic horror……still….lol lol fucs me up man…….but i love the dad he's like fuc this dude man build something and take his ass out……..and people cmon man we're all like that ……yeah u get scared but after awhile u wud get mad and then it wud be on baby lol lol…..poor billy but we gonna get um for u billy

  13. When pops went off on yanking him a few times ….the creeper gave him the most evil look before closing his face up 🤣🤣🤣🤣 as to say "when I wake in 23 years I'm coming for your soul and everyone you looooovvveeee 👹🤣🤣🤣🤣


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