Jackson Wang – Blue (Official Music Video)

Jackson Wang “Blue” Official Music Video Premiere – September 9 @ 4:00 UTC.

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Comment (11,568)

  1. MAGIC MAN album + “Blue” music video is out tmr.
    It’s been too long & I have waited long enough.
    Hope everyone will enjoy the tone & color of the album and understand and relate to the way how I delivered it. All the audience that were with me since day 1 will know what we all been through, how we all evolved into what we are today.
    New audience, welcome to the fam, I promise we will be on a crazy journey. Very far but yet Sooooo close,
    I believe one day we will be there.

  2. Literal goosebumps. Jackson never fails. And i love how he was so raw and open about it. His emotions come across very clearly throughout the song and the music video. His voice as usual is phenomenal. Everything about this is complete art, a masterpiece. Only someone like Jackson could pull this off so uniquely, with his own style and colours. He is an icon, a legend. Always stumps me. So proud to be a fan. Hats off. Thanks for sharing this with us, i know it might not have been easy but thank you for always being honest with us and showing us all these different sides of you. We'll always be here supporting you and encouraging you. Marvelous job. So glad I could witness this in real time.

  3. This feels like a good representation of when someone is depressed or caught in their own thoughts. Traversing and hitting the bottom before coming back up. Love it. Thank you for giving us this song Jackson Wang and team. Magic Man is incredible

  4. I hope Jackson gets the success joji has recently. He’s had several songs get airplay from pop radio but he can never chart on the hot 100 for some reason despite having bangers like blow, 100 ways, drive you home, lmly, and titanic. He needs a song to take off.

  5. So proud of Jackson Wang. Another masterpiece!!! I can feel the emotions this song is trying to convey, in several different layers, dark clouds, smoke, flame, water, layer by layer. It's really hard to describe this song in words, my favorite on the new album. You have always surpassed yourself, and we believe that you can do it and achieve your goals. Move forward bravely and always support you!

  6. As someone working on my mental health. This visual is a perfect depiction of being inside your head. Falling, floating, hell, drowning in thoughts. A beauty in it is you can always come out of it! Love you Mr. Wang!❤️

  7. I'm listening it over and over again! I really can feel those emotions you put in this song. Thank you! and please let's show our love, support and respect to him💜 You did a great job! I hope you are happy right now✨


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