I’ve changed my mind…

As it turns out I was wrong about a recent big life decision.
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For today’s video I’m back home in Querétaro, Mexico showing you a little bit of what life is like for me living in this modern Mexican city.
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We are Jordan, Maddie, & Laska the husky. In January of 2018, we packed up our tangerine-colored car and left the US to start traveling Mexico. Since then, we’ve been making travel videos about our life in Mexico and the new experiences we encounter while traveling the world. Become one of the “Tangerine Elite” by binge-watching our videos from the beginning:

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Comment (511)

  1. Hello Jordan! Loved seeing Laska! Hope Maddie will get the rest she needs & come back soon. Couldn't believe anyone would hate her for having a wonderful night out with wonderful friends. I rather loved seeing the wild life but was not a fan of it. Given my age, I'd rather have a calmer evening out. I did love her video. It was beautifully done. Nice of you to take time to show the gym. I think you did well showing it. Costco, & Sam's Club, seem pretty much the same price wise. Just produce may be different because of locally grown. Your dinner looked delicious. Jordan I liked that restaurant offering several other ethnic choices. You don't see that everywhere. I'm surprised your cold. I was always under the impression that Mexico was warm all year round, like tropical warmth. It's going to take a little more time for so e viewers to accept the other side of Maddie, & Jordan. Love you both! High paws to Laska! 👵Kim &😺Googly.

  2. One of your most communicative and relaxed videos Jordan. Just the right tone. I was one of your early subscribers and remember being a bit let down by that first PV video. I have lived full time in the PV área for over 24 years and been grateful for every minute of it. So I was disappointed that you and Maddie were disappointed in PV back then. But I didn't comment, I just hoped you would visit PV again someday and have a better and broader experience. Which you have now done. About the Riviera Maya: Having visited Tulum and Playa del Carmen many times over the years, in all seasons, I will be moving to Playa del Carmen in January. Both coasts have their special charms, and different vibes, but after 24 years in PV I'm just ready for a change. And, I have family in Germany. There are now direct flights from Cancun to Frankfurt. Just 7 hours in the air, no connections, so much simpler than going from PV to Germany. Anyway, this video had such a relaxed and yet polished feel to it. You are getting better and better. And of course as many others have rightfully said, best of luck to dear, sweet Maddie.

  3. I totally get it. My job took me from Delray Florida to Saint Pete. There was a cold front that came in and I went from the 80s to the mid 60s. I thought I was going to freeze to death. (funny since I’m from Northern Kentucky) I had planned for years now to retire part of the year in Clearwater and almost changed my mind because of the cold. Thank goodness it was just a fluke and didn’t last longer than four days it’s been in the upper 70s ever since. 😁👍

  4. In my opinion, Maddie having to break, is expected. I cannot see how it is healthy for your channel, no to split up TT also. Any friends you bring on , will not be accepted & trolled. These are young women. SA is mean.
    Maddie of all people-the sweetest.
    I hope y'all realize, the hate ain't worth it, or dear, hard working Maddie's ; mental health.

  5. Hi Maddie I been watching the channel for a while but don’t let negativity of miserable people affect you.We know you’re a kind hearted person and don’t need approval of people who probably don’t have a life

  6. When it comes to temperatures I agree with your thoughts. My wife would disagree as she says you can always add more clothing to keep warm but when you are down to your birthday suit there isn't anything more you can take off. LOL Nice to see some dog content. From Alberta Canada

  7. As Queretaro is at 6,000 feet I suspected that you'd find December-January a bit cool. I recall you guys when you were house hunting in Queretaro saying you were looking for AC and I commented that at 6,000 feet you probably wouldn't need AC but you might want a fireplace or some kind of heat for the winter. Seems like you are now experiencing what I was talking about. Get down to 4,500 to 5,000 feet and you'll find it a little more temperate year round. The coast for sure is really hot outside of the core winter months.

  8. Maddie when I have had the pleasure of seeing all of your fun and insightful videos through the years …. I have seen ….a courageous, funny, outgoing, kind, caring, creative and very intelligent woman of many talents! In my (very long) life I have found that what I labeled in the past, as the 'worst of times', some time later.. looking back…the pain and sense of loss of those times, was exactly ..what I needed to heal my life… to chart a new course and redefine who I am and who I wish to be. So, like the many fans of yours on here, please know we care for you and know whatever your future endeavors may be (even if you may not believe it this moment)…..you will be (spiritually) supported by many hundreds of caring fans …because we know that the greatest gift you can give others is just to be you! Your true inner essence is an immutably powerful force called unconditional love ……nothing in life can ever alter that truth. I know you will eventually get to a point to say to any naysayers…''who cares!'……and move forward with whatever goals/actions makes you happy …again…It will be the new version Maddie 2.0 ha…..and I cant wait! 🙂 . And Jordan will also find his new positive path in life I am sure as well.

  9. Love you, Maddie! ❤️ I'm a 54 year old gal who LOVES electronic dance and trance music. I probably will never make it to a concert, but seeing your video of Vegas was fun and uplifting. Enjoy every moment of your life, and do what makes you happy! For the trolls: I'm sorry you're so miserable that you feel the need to try to damper anyone else's happiness or dreams. I hope you get a life before it's too late. Our lives are short, and a gift, not to be wasted!

  10. The Southern Beach towns (Oax) are still hot during the summer, but much less so than the Rivera Maya.
    Mazunte, Huatulco, Puerto Angel, Zipolete and TONS more places to enjoy the summer without feeling heat drained all the time.

  11. Sad that maddie received criticism from her Vegas trip. I thought she was brave to go out on her own. And everyone is allowed to have fun and live there life as they so choose. Love you guys

  12. Ok that is BS that she has gotten hate. I 100% support Maddy. Be strong do you live your life. You are amazing and have so much courage for putting your story on YouTube. Not many people would. It is very helpful and even tho My family is from Mexico they have put so much fear in going there. You have help me so much and I overcame so much fear. But travel is GOALS. I now have been out to Mexico several times and enjoyed it. Forget the negative people. Be you because you are good 👍🏼

  13. I guess if you don't mind the heat, by all means move toward Yucatan, it's probably a little hotter than here in FL and we do ok. It's the humidity and longevity of the heat that kills! Concerning all this drama…. look I like you both, Maddie is a crazy free spirit, you're just plain likeable, but there's always going to be some negativity on the internet, humans can't help themselves. BUT in her case she can help it – by paying my benign comments and the worst of the worst just the same…..

  14. Oh JfC! People should be focused on their own personal life. Instead of throwing hate to other people’s life. Like the jerks that said that he deserves better than her, when they just posted about their break up.

  15. Hi Jordan and Maddie, I think you are both doing a great job with you common vlog. Changes are hard and I am most impressed how you are both handling it in such a mature way. Apparently much more mature than some of your viewers. I can’t believe the negative comments come from your regular viewers. I am a mature professional woman and I can say that nobody likes criticism but when it’s hit and run type it is particularly difficult. Just be a rolling stone and do your best to ignore it.

  16. Love ya Jordan, but please get Laska to a vet for annual checkup and official shots and tick/flea and heartworm medicine. Over the counter stuff is just not good enough.

  17. Maddie, I loved your EDC video. It looked like so much fun. Women online cop so much abuse. I wish the companies would crack down hard on it as it's been ignored for far too long. You're so beautiful, smart, funny, creative. You've successfully built this channel and that certainly is no easy feat. Does turning comments off affect your channel? I'm clueless at what's involved with running a channel. I hope you're enjoying your downtime Maddie. Your light will always shine!

  18. Jordan buddy thank you for putting the lookout point Cerro De La Cruz in Puerto Vallarta on my radar. Just did the challenge now you did a week or so ago. Awesome 👍🏻 view. ⚠️In Colombia 🇨🇴 at many shopping centers people also have to pay for parking.⚠️ That's a cool 😎 plan about spending the winters 🥶 on the beach 🏖️ a d the summers in the highlands of Central Mexico 🇲🇽.

  19. They are some cities and towns in Mexico with a nice weather all year long, maybe is a good idea for you to live somewhere there, like Cuernavaca, Merida, and most of the south of Mexico, but if is easy for you to move to the beach and then other city, is good too!, I loved to see laska again! 🙂

  20. Thanks Jordan. So great to see Laska again. I have been missing her. I feel that you and Maddie can post anything you want to. It is your channel after all. Love the channel and your videos. Yay to more Laska!!! 🙂

  21. I think Maddie is trying to find her find herself – break-ups are hard. Vegas didn't seem to hold the line with why most of us subscribe to this channel, after all – I am not following for the drama, but for places to visit in Mexico. One negative comment could throw someone emotionally hurt/unstable off. I'm happy that Jordan has continued to show us new places to go, and of his travels in Mexico.

  22. I watched the Vegas EDM video and am perplexed at what was offensive about it. I am a 48 year old white dude from Michigan and thought it was pretty good. Go figure

  23. Wow, I also grew up in Minnesota and moved to Arizona (Chandler) Two extremes! It really felt cold to me last night as well Ha! I would love to say hi and meet you next time you are in central. I am 250 meters from the restaurant you ate at. I am living here for two months now and love it. Love your videos. Best Regards Jordan

  24. 9:46 If you live in the US, then the thing that you may not understand is that while the high temperatures in Querétaro in January are in the low 70s, at night it averages low 40s and in México, most Mexicans don't have heat in their homes(it's expensive) and when it reaches those temperatures, the insides of the houses can sometimes drop to the 60s, 50s, and maybe in some circumstances even the 40s, depending on how cold it is outside.

    Concrete is more thermally insulative than wood is in the US and there is certainly no shortage of concrete homes in Mexico. So if the minimum temperature in January gets down to 43F, the inside of the house might drop to the 50s or the 60s(Yes, this is very cold, especially when you consider that you also have hard, and cold floors.) Then, the temperature during the day will reach a very nice(if not even somewhat hot because of how hot the sun feels) temperature of 72F during the day. Well, the inside of the house is very well insulated and so the inside temperatures may only reach mid-upper 60s(That's cold in my opinion).

    To me, it's kind of funny how the average highs in many places of central Mexico during the winter are pretty similar to what you'd expect in the winter in and around LA. Anywhere in the US, you go and ask someone if the weather is pretty good for winter around that area and you'll hear that it's amazing. 70 F temperatures even in January! But when you don't have the money to heat your house up at night, it tends to really shed some light on the differences between Mexico and the US and the standards that are considered normal.

  25. Damn no lie. In America I literally just renewed my membership for Basic at Sam's Club it costs $45 now from $40 last year and when I was a kid I remember my parents paying like $25. Inflation does suck and expect you to make it with no cost of living raise. Lately watching travel tangerines sometimes I feel like just moving to another Country one day just out of the Blue.

  26. Great video Jordan, nice to see Laska again too💖
    As for Maddie, she is an adult and has a public YT channel. The people disliking her LV lifestyle should have zero effect on her. We subscrbers are virtually strangers to her so why be bothered? You cant be so thin-skinned to become the victim or martyr everytime someone doesn’t like something about you. It takes a certain level of mental stability to have a YT public profile. This is why I think its best for both of you to split the channel so you both can prosper from what you both built. Just my $.02

  27. Staying climate controlled and comfortable is the way to live! You have a beautiful dog. Glad you and Maddy are still doing Tangerine Travels. Hope she feels better soon. Please let her know to not pay attention to negative and unconstructive criticism. Never let them ruin her happiness. Only hear positive and constructive criticisms while only changing what you want to. Y’all take care and be happy! 🍻🌮 🤗☮

  28. Awesome, Jordan. Thanks for giving the new view of Laska. I'm moving to Baja in a year, I'm going to find out if I can stand the summer in Ensenada. If not, I'm heading upcountry to Lake Chapala. Anything is better than winter in Tacoma. I have a renewed interest in Querétaro thanks to TT. Respect, fam.

  29. – [ ] This no doubt has recently been a difficult time for both of you, particularly Maddie. Your vlogs, both solo and together, have continued to be interesting and informative. It is unfortunate that the ugly people also found your site, but they are not for you. So don’t give the ugly people the satisfaction of letting them bring you down. Just continue to be you, and do what you do. Remember, physical as well as emotional healing takes time, and your probably feeling relatively vulnerable these days. Try to rise above the ugliness and not internalize the options of people that genuinely do not matter. Live your best lives. Look forward to your future TT vlogs.

  30. I love your videos and I have been wondering (worried) about Laska so thanks for the update. I've also been wondering about the lack of videos from Maddie. On her Las Vegass video, I made the comment that her haircut was cute but that it made her look 12 years old. Later I thought that might make her feel badly as a WOMAN and I'm sorry if it did. If she were as old as me, she would understand that from my perspective, it's a GOOD thing to look that young under any circumstances and, of course, I didn't mean that she literally looked 12. I'm sorry if she took my comment to be one of the "mean" ones. It wasn't my intention so I'm very, very sorry if I made her feel badly in any way.

  31. Maddie gets to live her best life how ever she chooses, she looked like she had a blast with her friends. I am a Maddie fan and so I can only say GO MADDIE! You both are good people and it’s easy to see that. Live your best lives and continue to explore for us home bodies.

  32. I watch many of these TT videos for information about life in Mexico. I’ve learned from both of you the places, food, experiences, activities, etc., that you like and the ones you don’t. Nice to see that in this video, Jordan changed his mind on something. Non-preferences aren’t hate. For myself, I prefer TT not include the soap opera stuff (e.g., when Jordan features a female companion on his videos and when Maddie’s recent videos perhaps unintentionally tend to angle for positive comments about her attractiveness and eagerness to socialize), yet I can tolerate some of that to learn more from you both about Mexico, which is my preference. I get that the situation has been hard, and to me seemed inevitable yet I greatly admire the decent way you’ve both chosen to continue working through it. Glad that Jordan gave PV a second chance. I know that he wasn’t a PV hater before, just changed preferences. We all have them.

  33. Ajijic has a pretty temperate year round climate. Not too hot in the summer and not horribly cold in the winter. Mazatlan is great in the winter, but beastly hot in the summer.

  34. I soooooo can’t wait to move to Puerto Vallarta! It is, in part, to your and Maddie’s videos about Mexico that led us to decide that Mexico was going to be our future permanent home. We live in western Washington and so getting away from those colder temps are one reason we are moving to Mexico and being near the ocean, why we are choosing PV. Thank you both for helping bring that wonderful country yo light.
    And Maddie, if you’re reading this, f#%k all the negative, critical, hateful comments. You don’t need subscribers like that. Block them. People who criticize others like some did you, have more personal problems than they would like to think. I was HAPPY to see you having soooo much fun and it ticks me off that people brought you so low after you felt so good. Rest, refresh and see you soon. Actually, take whatever time you need. ❤️

  35. You need to go back to the weather channel "drawing board" and do some studying on where acceptable weather is located for you is in Mexico. At one time I was hyped up about Chihuahua, until I looked up how cold it gets in the winter.


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