[IVE – After LIKE] #엠카운트다운 EP.769 | Mnet 220908 방송

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– KPOP Chart Show M COUNTDOWN | EP.769
– IVE – After LIKE

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[Kor Ver.]
푹 빠져드는 ‘아이브’의 ‘After LIKE’ 무대
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Comment (687)

  1. Usually like what their stylists do but who picked that weird rug thingy to put on their otherwise perfectly fine outfits. It looks heavy and unflattering. And the pillowcase tacked to Yujin's skirt?. They should have at least picked another color for the rug so it popped. Sigh Loved their hair at least.

  2. There outfits r so pretty and like really liked Rei’s and gaeul rap I can’t stop sing this song I love there new come back I can’t wait to get the album

  3. Would be great than would do collaboration with Belinda the princess of latin pop.
    Have voices beautifull. Belinda too have a beautifull voice. Have success how Angel,Bella Traición, Lo siento, luz sin gravedad, no entiendo, be free, dopamina,  egoista, nada, en la oscuridad,  en el amor hay que perdonar. Bailaria sobre el fuego etc….

  4. IDK, I came to watch their performance, but why is Wonyoung and Yujin’s look its too much stunning compare to the rest of the member member? Is it just me who feel it or?

  5. I like that girl named Rei so much, how can she sing so well, she should be the future ACE of the team! Rei is impeccable in terms of vocal and rap skills! Dance is also very good! Don't deny me, the truth is In this way, Rei will be the first in the ive rookie group and the third top in the team

  6. キムレイ!!😍🫶🏻

  7. 안유진은 딱 객관적인 미인상이라서 개인적으로 긴생머리에 원피스 입을때가 제일 이쁜듯 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 진짜 길쭉길쭉하고 개이쁘다


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