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Comment (925)

  1. I love you ali-a I've been watchin you for about 2dyears now I'm getting your Christmas jumper for school Christmas jumper day your the one that helped me stay on Fortnite when Im upset I watch your videos and watchin them makes me so happy

  2. I really hope that the Naruto skins last until the end of the chapter/season cause I don't have enough to get it now but will in a couple of weeks time
    Edit: sharks have been around since the beginning of season 8

  3. When the person in the mech was under water and was taking damage it’s a feature, if you build a bunch of roofs on the waterfall area under the bridge next to misty and build some walls so you don’t go down the waterfall, you will start to drown

  4. Super Idol的笑容都没你的甜八月正午的阳光都没你耀眼热爱 105 °C的你滴滴清纯的蒸馏水你不知你有多可爱跌倒后会傻笑着再站起你从来都不轻言失败对梦想的执着一直不曾改很安心 当你对我说不怕有我在放着让我来勇敢追自己的梦想那坚定的模样

  5. i dont care if you gave that dude a win, if you "tried" by shooting around him you still deserve the toxicity that comes from that. shouldve just crouched and turned around while dropping all your loot.

  6. Fortnite needs to add trading skins its not my fault I didn’t get Kit or Mancakes Or Fabio cuz I’m a mobile player (or at least I was), maybe I could trade some skins for the ones I want

  7. I love when alia looks for leaks. Alia can u add me my username in fortnite is yktv_jacob can u gift me naruto please im a very huge fan of naruto please gift me it please please please


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