‘It would be sociopathic to regularly do interviews’ says Richard Ayoade

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Actor and director, and star of the IT Crowd, Richard Ayoade talks about playing geeks, and middle-aged people on Tinder.
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Comment (611)

  1. It's incredibly difficult to find an actor with great comedic timing, and it's just as incredibly difficult to find an actor who can convincingly speak very technical lines. If you need both, the number of people you can look to can probably be counted on one hand. Right offhand, I can only think of Richard, Chris O'Dowd, Wil Wheaton, and Jim Parsons – and it's debatable whether Parsons is "convincing" or his timing is "great." He's at least passable on both fronts, though, if the other three are unavailable.

  2. How exactly is giving an interview sociopathic? As long as it's not an interrogation with waterboarding, or the kind when the interviewee is in a lunatic asylum and ends up becoming the interviewer, I don't see how it can be.

  3. Wow, he seems to be more insecure about himself than I expected him to be. Guess that's what makes him likeable and attractive – a conflictive character.

  4. This interviewer seems to mitigate Richard's awkwardness. He stays calm and keeps the interview a little bit closer to what Richard would feel comfortable with. He notices the jokes but he doesn't laugh a lot so the conversation proceed in a relaxed way.

  5. You can create a universe with a slight pause and an off-topic quip. I didn't think you could be more special in reality than Moss was onscreen, but somehow you are. It's incredible that someone so subtle can encapsulate all that is nerd and mock the premise, while simultaneously giving a nod of respect to the subculture. We are never sure if you mean everything you say or are 100% sarcastic, but you always land the joke, and land it gracefully. It is a pity that television has gone away from the standard sitcom, you could still do so much good humor with Chris and others. Maybe someone could pitch "Standard Sitcom" for the BBC. A relaxing throwback to the way TV used to work, with the occasional 4th wall polish and silly holiday special. I actually regret where the Internet has taken us, I miss quality control, I miss entertainment that had effort put into it, real care and attention to detail. Nowadays there is not setup, no forethought, just one "kids say the darndest things" to another slapdash TV show where "real" people say stupid things without even an inch of narrative. We need someone on Television that is still intelligent. If the BBC can't do it, no one can.

  6. I don't get this "the REAL person" idea. Everything you do is a part of you, and there is no such thing as a definitive, distinct "real" you. It's a work in progress

  7. Sorry if this points out the obvious or offends anyone, but was really bugging me that the camera on Ayoade was out of focus…and the cutaways of his book are still interlaced (but only in fullscreen mode?)!

  8. 2:032:25 is just so perfect. Older people think young people have it easy just because we have lots of little "apps" and "gadgets".

    If you ask any 20 – 30 year old in the UK what they want most in life, the answers will usually be: a job, a house and a family/stability.

    These days kids almost always must go to uni to get a "good" job, which means at the very least they will start working 3 years later than their parents did – that's a huge amount of income they're missing out on. Additionally, kids go to uni (and get into debt) to get into jobs which aren't really that much better paid than their parents'. The two above points, combined with the massive increase in UK house prices between 1990-present means that kids have been priced out of buying homes (ironically by their own parents).

    So you have this horrific set up where the rental market is maxed out, giving landlords (boomers) huge amounts of bargaining power, which allows them to set rent prices really high – further slowing down kids being able to buy their own homes.

    This all has a knock on effect where we are now seeing 'young adults' in their late 20s, with very little savings, working silly hours, and still renting. With all this instability, it's no wonder millenials are finding it harder to allocate time to finding partners and establishing families.

    And worst of all, their parents are asking them: "why haven't you bought a house yet? Why haven't you got married yet? Are we ever going to get grandchildren?"… to which I advise any young adult to respond with: "I'll do all those things when the generation before me stop stepping on my throat".

  9. He's charming and smart but I found the self-deprecation a bit excessive. He's received enormous critical and public acclaim; hardly a "disappointment". That would have been worth challenging but the interviewer here seemed intimidated.

  10. This is 3 minutes but the editing paces it so well that it feels you've been listening to them talk for a full segment

    And then you get to the very end and it all gets tossed out the window odd enough

  11. Wolf in White Van! What a cool thing to see. I wonder if he's a fan of the music, too, since it seems most people find John's books through having already known his music.

  12. I actually would love to see him as a leading man.

    Partly because of how different that would be… and partly because I think he's actually quite sexy in how uncompromisingly he insists on being nothing and no one other than himself.

  13. I also remember the time before the internet, between when the world was in black and white and everyone became a gamer (starting with 8 bit, pre internet).
    It was a simple time when you never compared yourself with anyone, and all you needed in life was manners.
    PS The interviewer is shit. He brought up an awful review, comparing Richard unfairly and said by someone without manners. Hmmmm, I just mention this because it IS the 2 downfalls of modern society as we know it.
    I thought it would be fun to have fellow Gen Xers gaining power as we age, but my country just had a prime minister that that was smirking piece of shit, all high and mighty on his happy clappy church.
    Happy to go back to the 80's now. Lets all congregate in one country, New Zealand seems perfect.

  14. there is a place for book reviews but public radio has really gotten lazy over the past two decades: here in Canada probably half the day the CBC is flogging a new book, program, video, series, some celebrity's ghost-written autobiography…

    at least I assume they still are, I've gone over to podcasts


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