It May Be Small, But It’s MIGHTY! – OneWheel Pint X

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Personal size electric vehicles aren’t exactly new, and OneWheel has been front and center of it. Their latest edition, the Pint X, packs a punch with a 750W (1 HP) motor in the wheel. Colin needed to check it out!

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0:00 – Intro
0:34 – Unboxing
1:08 – OneWheel Pint X overview
4:55 – Owner manual
5:46 – Sponsor – Dreame!
6:29 – Trying it out
8:37 – Final thoughts

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Comment (639)

  1. is a fender not standard? seems like a safety issue and youd think if you went thru water/mud youd get splattered too. hopefully its included and not extra

  2. They are too expensive, but those of you saying "you could get a car for that price" are missing the point, I bought my onewheel xr last semester, I'm a college student, and for the price of the xr, by then end of like 3 years ill have made it back in money saved from parking passes, it takes me 10 mins to be at any building on campus from my apartment (I'm at A&M so it's a huge campus), granted I'm blasting 25 mph down the road and it's allowed on sidewalks, getting to campus in my truck would easily be a 30 minute ordeal and then I still have to walk to class. Now I just carry in the onewheel. It's not meant for going to the grocery store, or to replace a car, jt is a compact means of transportation. Also no gas

  3. I have an old xr So I haven't seen all this new pairing stuff on the newer models. I know you found it annoying but I'm incredibly happy that you can't skip those instructions . This thing is dangerous and if even a few more people read how to properly ride and keep them from injuring themselves good.

  4. A huge nerd driving a stupid one wheel board… pls hire some normal people instead of these cringe dudes man cmon… i wanna see normal guys review these products, not creepy nerds

  5. In most European you also cannot ride these, illegal. Such a shame though.. wanted to have a onewheel since I first saw it a couple of years back

  6. In Europe if it goes max 25 km/h and has max 1kw motor then you don’t need a license. Weird that it doesn’t fit even that given that it is illegal in most of North America too.

    Because to go faster you need registration, a license plate, drivers license and all that stuff, at least in Europe.

  7. It seems like lately there has not actually been to much on the usage side of the products. I'd guestimate 33% of the running time would give viewers a much better idea of what they are looking at and it would be enough content to decide if they would like to buy it.

  8. When are you going to test EUC with different form factor ? Like those one wheeler between legs (in motion V11 with suspension) . They are way more practical (has a trolley integrated ). I agree is harder but way better specs. I use an Inmotion V8 everyday and it's very cool. Also because the wheel is bigger you can ride nearly anywhere (even snow)

  9. these are slow enough that you may actually get away with riding them on public road here in Denmark. Here 30 km/h is the max before you need a motorcycle license, insurance, and license plates. We already got that problem with the high-end scooters and e-bikes, because some of them can easily go 45-50 km/h and they have to be limited to 30 km/h to not get in trouble

  10. And it's 1000$. Sadly they have a patent it seems so only one company makes them, so no way to get into them without dropping way more than other electric transportation stuff (e-long boards being the obvious alternative)

  11. 2:52 Wow, that's like paying for your own funeral at that point. Should cover a couple lawsuits anyway. Having the top of the wheel exposed in particular seems a highly questionable choice.

  12. As soon as you had to connect to the 'app' – I lost all interest.
    Why do companies push these stupid Apps with their products?! Just give us a product that works by itself!
    I don't want to have to connect with a phone to ride an electric vehicle you goofball companies!!

  13. my god, that much for a one wheel? Get a meepo if youre alright with a longboard type transportation with more range and faster speed for the same price or less, on 4 wheels

  14. As someone who rides a bicycle, just ride a bicycle. Get more muscle and become faster to rob the Best Buy clerk of the GPU he thinks your going to buy. Jokes on you nvidia, catch us if you can. This is real free market.

  15. Not sure why something like this "Needs" location tracking. Why does everything you buy NEED to be on your phone and then data mine your location. Hard Pass from me. Just because of that.

  16. No way for how much those things cost, that frame has to be metal, and likely aluminum due to how much the battery and motor weighs. Those things arent cheap. If any of the body or frame is plastic Id never consider buying one. You are paying metal prices… lol. I have a chinese ( nanrobot) scooter and every piece of the body and frame is metal.


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