By way far of the better days ive had around the islands.
Setups: Heavy Casting, Certate 14000 80lb panderra barid pe 5-8 casting rod,
Light casting, 5000 certate, 30lb Panderra braid, pe2-4 nomad casting rod, lure 155 floating riptide.

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  1. Fishing out of Airlie is Epic
    It's blowing a gale here on the West coast,has been for a week and no bloody fish.
    Keep the good Vibes and Vids coming.

  2. Live here and have fished the whitsundays my whole life would give everything I have to spend one day fishing with use boys just to hone in some new techniques and for just the experience love the work guys absolute champions 👌

  3. How sick was that day! You got a red, coral trout, tuna, mackerel, and GT (sorta). That's pretty much the perfect day out, what the hell do you need the long trips to the reef for? Just a quick question, how many meters of the 80LB did you get on your 14000 certate?

  4. Hi Legend ,
    Chris here from UK.
    I am a Chef and it's nice to see that you're enjoying , what must be the cleanest way , when it comes to eating, appreciating the freshness of fish.
    When catching Mackerels with my dad , we use to fillet them , sprinkle a bit of salt flower , wait a few minutes for the salt to do it's job and just eat it "as is".
    Life is all about experimenting isn't it?
    Obviously "everyday" salt works too but salt flower takes fish to the next level. (100% organic too)
    Thanks for all epic videos and for taking time to explain your approaches.

  5. Mattie with another terrific day on the water; nice work. Props on the opening drone footage, epic footage and production quality with the music. Tier 1 fishing channel, You Tube’s best IMO. Always a good day when Pelagic Pursuit pops up. 👍

  6. Hi Matt. Love the channel. Just wondering what sunnies/lens you recommend for fishing on the reef flats and around islands for seeing bommies, bait, fish. Thanks


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