Is There Oxygen on Mars? We Asked a NASA Technologist

Is there oxygen on Mars? Technically yes, but it’s nothing like the amount we have on Earth. So breathing is out of the question. However, there IS a lot of carbon dioxide (CO2) on Mars. Now a new technology — MOXIE — has proven that we can convert Martian CO2 into oxygen for use by future explorers. NASA engineer Asad Aboobaker tells us more. Learn more about MOXIE:

Producers: Jessica Wilde & Scott Bednar
Editor: Matthew Schara

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  1. Is the soil on Mars nutritious for plant life? If we could grow plants there, they would convert CO2 to O2 for us through photosynthesis.

  2. How much radiation is on Mars and how does NASA intend to protect the astronauts from it on the way there and while they are on Mars?

    Come on Never A Straight Answer how about answering the tough questions?

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    Credit: Michio Kaku

  4. But is there hydrogen on Mars ?
    Regardless to the chimical form.

    Hydrogen is useful to make convenient stuff like water or rocket fuel.
    Oxygen is on the atmosphere and maybe on the oxyde in the rocks.
    Surely is lot of iron and other elements but if is still not hydrogen on Mars, travel and colonisation to Mars may be complicated.

  5. It will all come true once men and women start working on Mars and Elon Musk and SpaceX will make it so, and mr Bezos just has to join in together and work together instead of trying to make it a competition, to be the first ones there.

  6. Dear geniuses,

    Will the Earth be protected from nuclear waste if the waste generated by nuclear power plants is dumped into space beyond Earth's orbit?

  7. Why do you guys still use the imperial system? Like come on man, your enitre thing is science and engineering yet you guys decide to keep using an outdated, overcomplicated system of measuring. A bit ironic isn't it?

  8. A NASA bölcsödébe illö mesékkel ámitja az Emberiséget, miközben ö is tudja pontosan a földönkivűliek kezében van a Földbolygo sorsa, a pusztulás kűszöbén állunk, miért is, nézzűk Vilmos herceget és feleségét — nézzűk Istent és földi feleségét, az Életemet, csqak ennyi mikor érsz RÁ, Isten földi felesége JOL VAN KÉRDEZI ISTEN, ÉS SZENT FIA ??? Katalin jol van, a kezedben a földbolygo sorsa,

  9. eu sei que tem vida em marte e que voces guarda muita coisa na area 51 e 52 eu sei que no sub teraneo em marte tem vida e tambem voces sabe que no lado oculto da lua tem vida voces sabe muito bem disso e ainda na area 51 voces faz esperimento com os aliem e so isso

  10. NASA = Never A Straight Answer.

    While the Americans are flying around in anti gravity craft as such the TR3B and more, the public sit in brainwashed ore at the drip fed theatre show from NASA.

    Its hilarious !

    Watch – The Phenomenon, Dr Steven Greer and wake up world to the lies you are being fed everyday of your lives from those who work in the space industry and are responsible for it. Presidents, astronauts, ministers of defense, high ranking military officials – all telling you THEMSELVES the TRUTH !

  11. Oh finally an open comment section. Kind of odd that a government organization that abides by the First Amendment has to turn off free speech once they get outed for hiring child actors to film their presidential propaganda.

  12. So how does a taxpayer organization able to shutdown comments? I mean the last most recent comments have been shut off on videos I mean NASA still funded by the US government right?. I used to respect NASA fur being non-political but I guess not anymore

  13. May you dream of living in a world where there is no such thing as a perfect earth
    What is the result of these great experiments that you have done so far? Have you not been able to extend the life span of a human being in a single day? Couldn't that astronomy have been able to make a single drop of water? The life span of the people of the world is decreasing little by little. Death cannot be conquered

  14. The people who built the pyramids figured out a way to get of Earth. They already knew humans would destroy their own planet and need to invade a new world lol

  15. इससे अच्छा तो पहले मंगल ग्रह में पानी अगर मिलता है और वो भी अच्छी condition में तो सबसे पहला काम ये करना चाहिए कि मंगल ग्रह में पेड़ लगाने के विषय में सोचना चाहिए, अगर पेड़ पौधे लग जाये तो oxygen level खुद ब खुद बढ़ जाएगा।


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