Is There Any Hope Left At This Point?

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Comment (1,976)

  1. So let me get this right……the Queen was well enough earlier in the week to meet the new Prime Minister, but dead by Thursday? Utter bollocks….she's been dead for at least two years with doubles taking her place.

  2. Radical climate change policies will be passed from HRH to Westminster, with emotional coercion attached. And then Lizzy will be ramping up WEF policies with her very healthy looking Health Secret-ary and off to war Britain goes. As the heads speak of "WE" these people in ivory towers will be evacuated to safe houses and even bunkers when the anger spills onto the streets. It is about to get very real and very nasty. Get ready. If I had the money Neil, I would love to buy that abandoned café, have some great incentives for its potential. Stay safe Mr and Mrs McCoy – Ward, and May God Bless all seeking the truth in all things.

  3. Neil there's good things going on in the background also! Obviously the news won't report this (The abortion laws in America being one of them)

  4. The PROBLEM is that they have "a grip"… on the means of energy, food, and money supply. That's the problem. I know the views on this channel are moderate, but as we all know, may as well jump in the Right side of things. The water's nice, it's ok. (Just go in the Bible-word direction with the neighborliness – as the nationalism side does not seem to understand the political game. Nationalists are too easy to fool along with everyone else.)

    As Reagan (contemporary to Thatcher, John Paul II, and a young Benjamin Netanyahu) once said, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help."

    Cuz now CCP-WEF-DNC-EU axis is very draconianly dragon-like with all their strategy. (It's simply how the Darwinian Malthusian Epicurean Elitist competes. It's very similar to the recipe that concocted Hitler. Only now? It's larger, wealthier, and more complex and inter-related! Like Hitler, but if Hitler was "too big to fail." Ok, that was a joke. Don't arrest me.)

    – Man On Nicholson (In Wisconsin.) "Live Long And Prosper" 🙂

    (ugh. Yeah, I know. We see how well that atheist-epicurean worldview played out its future by alienating everyone else and trying to shut them down. So what's next?)

  5. YES, there is Hope! He has a Name: The Lord Jesus Christ! CHOOSE TODAY to follow Him before the false christ; the soon to be revealed antichrist. Come to The True Christ Jesus now for mercy, or reject Him and you absolutely will acknowledge Him later, only to be condemned to hell because you were arrogant enough to reject Him while grace was still available!

  6. I think the point you raise about left or right being almost free to preach extreme views but someone central can't speak even a little out of turn is a part of the devision tactics played by the powers they want division not critical thinking from anyone with a brain it's the great reset narrative.

  7. Well I think it’s more about the sheer cruelty to the poor sentient beings that are Slaughtered for five minutes on a plate. Maybe that’s what we should be thinking about. The horror these living creatures go through is so immoral

  8. I'm not in Ireland anymore I'm in nz. If I hadn't already been mandated out of my teaching career last December I'd probably be in the same position.

  9. The western world has gone woke & now they are going broke! Facts do not care about your feelings!
    And once all of Europe has been burnt down I’m sure Ukraine will return the financial favour?!?!

  10. I can only use Titanic as a metaphor, we have been dancing and partying while the damage was done. When the lights go out, the band will stop playing and the panic will start. I’m off to the buffet while it’s still open.

  11. They arent worried about "social unrest", they are worried about the people standing up to them. Like the truckers in Canada, they must be put down by the ruling class…

  12. Neil…the ignorance of the left is astonishing. The fact that the Queens legacy is the final dismantling of the so called Empire, and this kind of comment at such a sad time is just crass. As a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, I am extremely sad.

  13. The climate change cult's goal is all of us being serfs on in thier new world. They dont care about climate, they know its a lie. Its only a tool to enslave the people.

  14. Yes there is hope in Jesus Christ. He is the Son of God who died on the cross for your sins and rose again on the 3rd day. Confess that you are a sinner in need of a Savior today, send you'll be raptured with us.

  15. Hi, Neil. There is no better message of hope than the natural scenic views you show at the end of your video. It's not the first time that humankind is going through major upheavals. The ancient Greeks knew it and elaborated in their mythology the myth of Pandora's Box. Pandora inadvertently opened the box and the 7 Sins were immediately set free. Realizing it, she left Hope locked inside. This is the gift to humanity–Hope. Of course, people have to seek ways and means to realize it. God bless!

  16. how can you say that the queen Elizabeth is/was nice while she and the whole Royal dynasty are responsible for mass genocide chaos and terror and even murdered their own family relatives Princess Diana


  18. If there's mass social unrest then the government's need to rethink their policies. The more you repress a population the stronger the protests will become. If enough people protest there's nothing the government can do to control it.

  19. The one thing that struck me about her coronation, which was televised for the very first time, was that when she was anointed with oil and was to recieve the Holy Spirit, they chose to switch off the cameras. It was felt that the moment was too solemn to be broadcast.

    Although a figurehead, and just as human as anyone else, she was given other tools to help her perform her duties in life. I'm glad she was baptised.

  20. They keep telling us it's a movie. What if they are throwing all this fear stuff to get the human global energy to rise enough to create the shift? What if they have all the changes ready to roll out as soon as the dust settles from the "big scare"? I think they have a fresh food supply ready to come out that is toxin free, they have Tesla free energy where no one is going to freeze, they have the StarLink system ready to replace the 5G towers, and (drum roll please) they have a whole new global financial system ready to totally change world finance. No more being a slave to the crooked bankers and halleluiah, justice in the courts again. We have to turn our back on evil and look for the light.

  21. Co2 will be going up as the Davos crowd goes to the funeral. May queenRest In Peace. I have a sense that her death marks a significant change coming regarding the constitutions of countries under the monarchy.

  22. It's not about money anymore. Countries don't care if they lose Trillions of dollars or whatever currency they use. It's all for Lucifer! Destroy….Reset for Lucifer! People in charge already have Billions to their names. It's all Honor and Tribute to Lucifer!

  23. The Queen seemed to be a very kind and sincere lady, and she will be missed not only for her qualities as a person, but she was a tie for us all to better times. When your ties to the past and those that are familiar are gone, it leaves a real void and sense of disconnect.

  24. She is a Carnegie Mellon Associate professor. Given that she has a tenuous historical argument, given that the 'end of empire' was alive as QEII ascended to the throne, and that the queen had little say in any of that, I think this woman's academic capability should be placed in doubt, where there is no doubt about her moral terpitude.

    The second point is even if we were to accept QEII actively presided over a system that oppressed colonies, having died, wishing that death excrutiating, is churlish, utterly ineffective, and immature. Wishing Saddam Hussein great suffering is similarly more a commentary on those wishing it, more so than on Saddam. On Putin, I think dead would be his ideal state, but I don't see any need for it to be painful.

  25. I really appreciate your effort for us, Regardless of the economic situation, you keep doing more 💯. I feel for our country high income, people now suffering to survive, I will forever appreciate you Max Cole! Imagine investing $3000 & receiving profit of $11,600 within few days, investing is indeed a great opportunity.

  26. Well on this subject of the British Empire, (I am just 2 minutes into this video) let's look at what it did, take India for example, they stopped the common practice of killing widows, they established a very good judicial system and rule of law, which is still the rule of law today, and made many improvements. The British Empire by the time of the 1900's built over 25,000 miles of railroad all across India. We often look at only the negative, like the taxes imposed on their cloth and salt.

  27. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh visited Red Indian children in Columbia Canada and 10 went missing permanently . They were never seen again according to the other children witnesses who were there.This has never been satisfactorily explained and has been brushed under the carpet.They are thought to have been heavily complicit in their vanishing and the whole thing is very very sinister.

  28. The Queen was an exceptional person, but for me the monarchy died with her. None of the others are worthy to earn the place she had. Charles is a high ranking member of the WEF, even without that, his green mantra is extreme. Between him and fellow WEF colleague, Liz Truss, God help us.

  29. When Satan is the master & controller of his incarnate & soulless minions, then death and destruction of all of God's creation will ineluctably follow. Try reading the KJV Holy Bible, which has unsurprisingly been expunged from our lives by the enemies of God.


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