In this episode, we give a solar power update. You’ll find out if we think off grid solar power is worth it and whether or not we have enough power to meet our demands.

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  1. Love your attetute to solar power and your willing to build your new place on Solar Energy.

    You could put up a small wind turbine to help with bad weather power generation.

  2. You are right, Off the Grid is self-sufficient and without the aid of Power, Water, and Sewage from commercial utilities. You can have the luxuries off the grid do to Technology but to be Isolated off the grid is a different beast. OHrah

  3. I like how people say how solar and wine energy is so clean and green but in reality it's very dirty by the time all of the products needed to make it are made. In reality natural gas fired electrical plants or even nuclear power plants are much cleaner in comparison. Making batteries is not only dirty but expensive and need replaced every 5-10 years and solar panels also need replaced so you're not actually saving any money.

  4. I guess if you say you are absolutely off the grid means you have to go somewhere else to send your internet in. But I agree you are off grid if you make your electric collect or pump out of well your water and have no gas line. Some may say you are not off grid if you use a gas or diesel powered vehicle so it is not worth arguing.

  5. I Hope Don't really think that Solar power is Green. What is done with the waste from building solar panels and when they are past there useful life and your Battery storage system. All that waste is not GREEN!!!!!!

  6. Your definition of "off grid" is correct. 👍 Any other definition is dead wrong and probably based on a misunderstanding derived from some program about someone living in total isolation in the heart of the Amazon rain forest, or Antarctica, or on a desert island like Tom Hanks and Wilson. 😝

  7. 48° is not cold (unless you mean 48° Kelvin!); that's like "Oh, it's turning cool out. I think I'll wear some over-the-calf socks with my shorts, today".
    I don't know whether it's still the case in this electronic age, but the convention in journalism back in the day was to signify the end of the story copy with "30" at the bottom. Is that the number you were looking for?

  8. Somewhere around 11:43 you got a drip of something on your shoulder so, your roof leaks or Spencer drooled on you.
    If your roof leaks that might not be great for your electrizical gizmos, if it's drool your fine, probably.
    Good luck, enjoy your vids, thanks.

  9. I just found your channel on Friday. You two are an adorable couple and I love your videos. Keep doing what you are doing and good luck with the rest of the build. I will be watching. Oh, and Bear is an awesome dog!

  10. I have a question about how you use power. Do you convert all appliances to AC or DC? As I research the best approach, Mike Reynolds uses both AC and DC so if one of his inverters goes down for any reason, his building will still have power, run his refrigerator, flush toilets, etc.

  11. The issue with selling power back to the company(grid tie systems) is you dont have power if the power goes out. The laws are that you have to shut off your solar when the power goes out, which to my understanding, is to prevent you from possibly killing a lineman trying to restore power and so they can more easily find the problem. So if you want power when the grid is down, you need a battery storage bank and not a grid tie system. Many areas have actually passed laws that make selling the power back, not an option. So while you may not use as much power from the grid, you wont get any money in return for the excess. Some places will give you a credit to your account though so that is a plus. If you choose a grid tie, be sure to install a smaller battery bank system separate from the grid tie system. So you at least have lights and basics when the grid goes down in a storm. I live in florida and work building solar setups and solar power plants/solar farms, and the power going out happens several times a year, every year, especially during hurricane season.

  12. Does your solar system have any lightning protection? I lost a bunch of stuff from a power spike . Everything electronic got fried.Luckily my insurance covered it.

  13. I am not an expert. But people should understand that solar power is for appliances that do not have electric motors . is good for things such as TV, radio, mobile, lightings, computer fans or dc fans. for motor appliances or welding, grindind, cutting use generator.

  14. What a pity your water catchment wasn’t up yet! Most of our community here runs off water catchment systems – being in a semi arid climate here in South Africa water can become a very scarce resource some years 😱

    Have been watching your series with a lot of interest – I definitely want to set up solar as soon as I have the $$$. I mean water is scarce here but sun – that we got plenty of ☀️😎

  15. What's the difference between wireless or wired internet? You are still on a grid, just the final leg is wireless. But that's just arguing semantics.
    I just wondered what the life expectancy of the solar panels are. I know they start losing efficiency after a while. You say it will take about 10yrs for it to pay for itself. By then are you going to be replacing panels or other equipment?

  16. You could put in a rain catch barrel for your water for off the grid & do composting for certain things as well if your interested & putting in a garden saves on groceries just some idea's for you

  17. You could use your donkeys to crank a turbine… Properly geared of course… for those seemingly endless rainy days. Keep them sheltered of course and exercised. Or, use the rain to turn a waterwheel connected to a alternator/generator. Why waste resources.

  18. There a degrees of "Off the Grid" everyone chooses to what level that they are willing and wanting to participate in the off grid scenerio. M & S chose their level, totally respect that

  19. Just FYI; A few states have not allowed people to go off-grid anymore. Also, some states are allowing electric companies to stop paying people for electricity going to their grid; some states require you being hooked up to the grid regardless of the solar. It's total BS but they are getting away with it. they do not people to be independent.
    The electric companies were not happy losing money that lined their pockets and they have the money to make things difficult in many states. Always check with your state laws and county before trying to go off-grid.

  20. I believe that SW inverter has generator support, where you can hook the generator up…just in case you need to charge the batteries, that inverter has a built in charger for that

    I also live off grid, I originally bought an XW model back when xantrex owned those models…schneider redid them a bit, but they are basically the same….anyways I was originally grid tied with battery backup…till the utility screwed me….so the XW is a hybrid inverter

    check your manual, I believe the new SW models will allow you to hook up a 120V generator to the 120/240v inverter to charge the batteries and provide bypass power

  21. yes i agree with you both about how the little things are taken for granted until you dont have them anymore. you guys are doing an amazing job. well done. 😀

  22. While I agree with the idea of going solar to be more self-sufficient and have more reliable power (which is why I installed solar), especially in areas that often experience power outages, I think people need to stop thinking of solar as "clean energy". While the actual generation of the electricity is clean, the amount of energy and resources needed to create the solar cells and batteries is anything but. Solar cells require harmful chemicals to manufacture, such as hydrochloric, sulfuric, and nitric acids, sodium hydroxide, and other chemicals; not to mention the electricity used in the manufacturing plants where the solar panels are made, which are more than likely coal powered. The lithium used in those batteries is mined in areas that have been ecologically devastated in the mining process. And what happens if/when any of those panels or batteries needs to be disposed of?
    Just something for everyone to keep in mind when they think of solar as being "clean". Is solar power less harmful to the environment? Possibly….but only time will tell.

  23. Spencer this made me cry laughing you chasing the bird around… heads up mate how would you feel if this huge man was chasing you with a brush of the equivalent size.. turn the brush around or stick and move slowly and place the stick at the back of their feet and gentle move stick closer so the bird feels the stick/brush handle and the bird will jump onto it.. then slowly walk to door.. the torch was confusing the poor bird to.. poor bird you bully… lmao
    i'm watching your clips backwards but got to say guys your a pure scream and keep it up.. good luck

  24. Ha! Second picture has my hometown in it… we moved from Galveston to the Mississippi country because we got tired of our house flooding with every hurricane or heavy down pour! Loving your channel, I've been binge watching lol…

  25. Love your plans and your motivation! Are you planning Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) for your AC and heating? With the land and/or the pond you probably have a great place for GSHP and it uses 50 to 70% less energy than standard central air systems. Plus you won't have a noisy condensor outside of your house.

  26. I love you guy's videos! I started watching from you guy's very first video so that I could join and see the journey! 😇 I just started watching yesterday 😁 you guys are great people! 🎉

    I love Bear too! 🥺❤️

    Love all the way from the Philippines!! 🇵🇭

  27. Don't know if it stand tips, …
    But effectively lowering or regulating the max solar production peak by having at least 2 "controlling" device, (mppt) bundle or string (panel serie) one south oriented the other west oriented could help not loosing or "dealing" the energy you won't necessarily consume …

    Having two production peak at different hours the day lower the "hypothetical" max peak you could have with same numbers of panel but enlarge and optimize the use of it according to needs …
    (Could mean less batteries storage needs, or less "deals" with "grid")
    And surely something with a better self-consumption efficiency …

    One production peak and only is not the best you could have from solar energy systems …

    By the way, I'm going 42 year in 2020 …
    Thanks .

    Jerry had installed himself his system …
    I don't if it's an "how could It be trust info" onto solar powered systems, but …

    Yep, wondering how those Sono motors sion will be conceived in, included to, use for into projects …

    But seeing efforts made by lots of people in "recycling" :
    Almost whatever …

    Might be some interesting path to keep on "navigating" …

  28. I've been curious why you haven't covered up the opening between the containers in the past and now while building the roof, especially since in later episodes you're concerned about the effects of moisture on the inside of the containers (one of the reasons to delay move in). Is it just because you assume with enough time things will dry out fine?

  29. Did I miss yall mention cost? I'd love to have solar at my house (even though I live in town) just to save money but when I looked into it 5 years ago it was way expensive and I couldn't get a loan from the bank for it. How much did it cost you guys for your solar panel system?

  30. I'm going to live off the grid, which is why I'm moving to the moon. You're not off the grid unless you're living off-world.

  31. I'd like to have a clear example of the efficiency of the system . Say it is 85 degrees outside , can the solar pannels pump enough energy to power the AC to keep the home at 72 degrees ?

  32. I guess some people’s definition of off the grid means you live out in the woods or in the outback and hunt your own food like the on the tv show “Alone.” Brush your teeth with crushed pine resin or wipe your …umm…never mind!😆

  33. Don't forget about the cost of bringing the power from the grid to your house. One power pole can cost $1000s. Your installation is probably cheaper and now your power is pretty much free.

  34. YOUR RIGHT MY FRIEND! 💓🤗💕Off grid is a very specific definition, it's name self explanatory. what the people are complaining about is called ISOLATION.. off grid Homesteaders Depend on friends & neighbors, no need to isolate unless your a jerk, who complains on good hardworking honest peoples videos 🤣🤣🤣

  35. It’s so interesting going back and watching from the beginning of your build and get to this one and hearing peoples definition of “off the grid”. I watch you because living in AK, I’m obsessed with watching self sufficient lifestyles. Off the grid absolutely means your not reliant on the grid meaning wired in. It means you rely on solar, rain water catchment, wireless internet and there are so many off grid builds you can watch on YouTube for anyone to be confused on the meaning. Man, you guys have come a long way!!

  36. Rain on a tin roof is everything. My monthly is 300$ to 350$ a month. Please tell me how you only paid 75$ a month? I lived in Naples, Fla and my bill was $130 a month 24yrs ago! If your not hooked up to the man, your off the grid! Your fully self reliant. Even preppers use solar. The point is moot! Be true to yourselves x fvck the armchair warriors! Your doing amazing. ♥️🐶🐞🐦🐄🐍


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