Is Mars Habitable? We Asked a NASA Scientist

Is Mars habitable? Could ancient life once have existed on the Red Planet? Is there potential for life today deep beneath the Martian crust? NASA Mars expert Ell Bogat is here to give us the details.

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  1. For the Mars to be habitable-We need to through a nuclear Bomb in the North Pole of Mars. Which makes its atmosphere thick . I request Elon musk to put nuclear bomb in the place of satellites for their next starlink mission and through it to Mars .

  2. The answer is no. Not life as we know it. Why? Life exists on the earth, because of what's on the earth. What's on the earth, is not on Mars. We have a table of elements, most of which will never be found on Mars. All life on the earth is either directly, or indirectly dependent upon those elements.

  3. Not only habitable, habitated by at least 3 sentient species. Us included. See Solar Warden program US Navy OR Radient Guardian program US Marines or .. higher positioned at here, NASA 🇺🇸👍🏼🍻.

  4. Step 1. Round up and shove ice asteroids into the atmo to increase available gaseous density
    Step 2. Begin automated sifting out of salts across select swaths of surface regolith
    Step 3. Engineer hardy, rad-resistant anaerobic life to flourish in carbon dioxide environment, inducing O2 & Ozone
    Step 4. Consider a future in subterranean real estate investment and put on some hardcore sunblock to manage your Cosmic Rad Tan

  5. Nasa, I saw the livestream, that is 3 days ago, and I wanted to ask you guys, do you would search for Spirit? I mean the rover, because we all want to see what happened

  6. I am afraid I dont get the fascination of Mars in terms of a sustainable permanent human being and Earth animal habitat. Building shelters shouldnt be a problem tho everything would need to be imported, but no atmosphere, no breathable air, no drinkable water sources, no food sources …you know the basic components life needs to survive. Also the long term effects that zero G has on the skeletal and muscular systems of the human body are concerning. Imo the focus should be to take care of Earth, so that we dont suffer the same fate as Venus, instead of trying to locate someplace better (or less polluted).

  7. I bet there is love on Mars we kinda already know that it's like looking for money on ground we know its there but we have no glasses on and where not the only planet with live beacuase we have to come from somewhere

  8. Tardigrades aka water bears and find a puddle on mars. Boom, life on mars. Joking aside who knows billions of years ago. Perseverance is going to have to dig deep =)

  9. I am pretty sure that Mars was like the Earth and some idiots like us, brought the planet to it's destruction such as cutting the trees, not replacing the cut trees, pollution, so Mars ran out of oxigen and everything died there.

    Earth will be like Mars if you don't do something good for the planet so next time you want to throw your garbage in the forest, think about it 100 times over.

  10. I have a question
    You guys sent perseverance to collect samples from Mars's Jezero Crater, it's a crater that means it was hit by the meteor so that means the sample would collect the particles of the Meteor and not mars

  11. Imagine us going to Mars and finding out that our ancestors were from Mars and had left a ton of animals and other creatures from Mars on Earth and actually went off for search of another planet.

  12. for every phyiscal obstacle there is an physical solution.
    The question is when is mars habitable, not if.:-)
    Of course, no one knows when, but you could't believe it all not elon time ago and you just musk continue.

  13. What if humans first lived on mars and they ruined the climate with fossil fuels and restarted on Earth but we just ended up making the same mistake?🥴

  14. What if there were humans on mars before there were humans on earth and mars just got unhabitatable bcuz of "ice age" on mars but the humans there werent even that much evolved which is why we dont see anything to prove that they existed

  15. It took millions of years for earth to be habitable for human and took 300 thousand years for human to adapt to live an average life of about 75 years. How long do scientists expect human to adapt or mutate to live an average life of even 25 years? Trillions of dollars, yen, yuan, rupees, euros etc.. spent on space colonization should be spent on…… what and where do you think?


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