“IS JAPAN COOL? Traditions

You’ll find lots of cool stories here about old and new Japan.
Get to know more about Japan, and decide whether it’s cool.
Real Japan is even cooler! Why don’t you visit Japan on All Nippon Airways?

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  1. It's not cool
    In fact, it's very GREAT!
    But this is only the Kyoto Prefecture. There are many other areas in Japan as well.
    No matter, I hope to visit them all in the future—I might even live there and meet my future wife and have children in Japan as well!

  2. When people ask me why i love Japan, this kind of video come to my mind, every little things and old things like tradition who make Japan, and Japan is unique.. I can explain, this country just make me dream, I really love it TT^TT♥.

  3. 素人動画だと思って見てた。
    などと思ってたがプロの映像ですか、なるほど。 失礼しました。


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